What does MINDEF/SAF look for in a Scholar?

The Selection Board looks for candidates with clear leadership potential, good character, a strong desire to realise their true potential, a passion to serve the country and a keen interest to pursue a challenging and fulfilling career with MINDEF/SAF.

Are there any military prerequisites?

For The SAF Scholarship and SAF Merit Scholarship, you must perform very well in Basic Military Training and qualify for Officer Cadet School. You must also excel at the latter.

Can I choose my university and course of study?

Yes, except for professional courses such as architecture, medicine, dentistry, etc. If you intend to pursue a degree in Law, you will not be called to the Bar while serving in the SAF. To ensure that you get the best education and enjoy it to the fullest, our scholarship officers will be there to advise you on the universities and courses.

If I have yet to apply to any university, can MINDEF/SAF assist me?

You are strongly encouraged to apply to your preferred overseas universities early. Though MINDEF/SAF does work closely with PSC in applying for university places for scholars, admission to the universities is dependent on individual merit.

How can I apply what I learn from the university in MINDEF/SAF?

Your tertiary education will provide you with the critical analytical skills needed to perform well in MINDEF/SAF. The skills that are valued – your judgement, and ability to plan and tackle complex issues – will also be constantly put to the test in MINDEF/SAF.

Can I pursue a Master's after my Honours Degree? What about a Double Major?

Yes, but you must complete your studies within the stipulated study period of 4 years.

Will I be left on my own when I am studying overseas?

No, you will be assigned to a mentor, who is a senior scholar. He will be there to advise and guide you as a friend and colleague.

How long is the bond?

The bond for overseas studies will be 6 years. For Defence Merit Scholar who pursue their studies in local universities, their bond will be 4 years. The bond will commence immediately upon graduation and return to service.

When is the application period?

For information on application period, please click here.