Armour plays a crucial role in the SAF’s operations. With its combination of heavy guns, mobility and protection, Armour provides mobile firepower support during operations for the Army to punch through the enemy’s defence.

An unparalleled force of speed and steel, the Armour formation provides impregnable support for our land forces using devastating firepower and stunning shock effect. Despite packing a powerful punch, Armour demonstrates both flexibility and mobility, thanks to the savvy soldiers manoeuvring the tanks and advanced weaponry. This means that the units can be deployed at a moment's notice to effectively seize ground and punch through enemy defences.

You will be competent in handling sophisticated tanks and machines, including the upgraded Leopard tanks, ULTRA Armoured Personnel Carriers and the Bionix II Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs). Extensively trained and highly motivated, you will be a vital part of a force that is always at the forefront, paving the way for Our Army. In Armour, you will be the most important element in the synergy of men, machine and military might.

Army Intelligence

Reconnaissance vocationalists are tasked with the job of gathering information without being detected. Being the “eyes and ears” of the SAF, they are trained to be stealthy, obtain vital information on enemy forces and provide the Headquarters with accurate and timely reports. The Headquarters can then make the necessary preparations based on the analysis of the valuable information gathered.

Knowledge is power, and it is up to the Army Intelligence formation to convert vital information into the decisive edge for our forces. As a key element within the SAF, the Intelligence Corps is entrusted with the responsibility of collecting and understanding real-time information, and the sacred task of preserving the security of Singapore. Endowed with superior analytical and surveillance skills, the intelligence experts keep a watchful eye for intel that will give Our Army the upper hand.

You will be the master of operational and counter-intelligence, taking on challenges in reconnaissance, information collection, critical thinking and research. You will develop a full spectrum of skills and capabilities that will enable you to excel in your role. With your superior intelligence and expert analysis, along with a wide range of UAVs and other intelligence assets at your disposal, you will provide the edge for Our Army on the modern battlefield.


Artillery dominates the battlefield by harnessing the full suite of sensors and precision fire systems in the SAF, thereby earning the title, "King of the Battlefield". As masters of deadly precision, they shape and pave the way for our manoeuvre forces.

The Artillery formation plays a crucial role on the battlefield, raining destructive blows to neutralise enemy forces in a concerted barrage of fire, while supporting the manoeuvre force in accomplishing mission success. Accurate and effective, the formation demonstrates the fearsome power of precision warfare, making foes quiver even from afar. With the use of state-of-the-art rocket and weapon systems, the Artillery gunners are fully capable of bringing the battle deep into the enemy lines.

You will develop a deep understanding of a wide range of weapons and target acquisition systems, including radar designed to quickly locate enemy artillery, home-grown long range howitzers, as well as advanced survey and meteorological equipment. As our forces count on you for timely support, you will employ your intelligence and dexterity in analysing data to ensure accurate firing. With great responsibility resting on your shoulder, you will never compromise on precision and punctuality.

Combat Engineers

Being part of the troops at the frontline, Combat Engineers specialise in Mobility, Counter-mobility and Survivability operations to support the troops in mission. Mobility operations include overcoming obstacles in the path of the advancing troops. In order to slow down the enemy, Counter-mobility operations such as bridge demolition and minefields are carried out. Survivability operations include the protection against Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Explosives (CBRE) Threats and the speedy construction of structures that can protect our troops against enemy fire.

The Combat Engineers formation treats every obstacle as a challenge waiting to be overcome. Specialising in Mobility, Counter Mobility and Survivability operations to impede the foes while facilitating our troops' movement, the Combat Engineers are a unique breed of men who are both versatile and creative. Empowered with cutting-edge machinery, the Combat Engineers are more than capable of surmounting challenges in times of both peace and war.

You will overcome obstacles in the path of our advancing forces to grant them the freedom of movement and manoeuvre, while slowing down the enemy by laying minefields, setting traps and demolishing bridges. In addition, you are also trained to provide infrastructure support, such as constructing trenches, erecting command posts and clearing ground for field bases to be set up. As a Combat Engineer, you will pave the way to victory for our forces.


As the masters of stealth, the Commandos specialise in raids, reconnaissance and enemy interdiction via air, land and sea. Armed with tactical skills in weaponry, demolition, communication and medical aid, the Red Berets will succeed in all missions that others deem impossible.

Silent infiltrators of enemy territory, the Commandos specialise in airborne raids, helicopter assaults and sea landings. Armed with an arsenal of tactical skills, they can be counted upon to succeed in missions that others deem impossible. The unmatched stealth and combat fitness of the Commandos allows them to move fast, reach their targets undetected and strike hard. Only those who have proven themselves as elite warriors may have the pride of wearing the coveted red beret.

You will be adept at living off the land, even in enemy territory, drawing on special tactics for reconnaissance, sabotage and survival. You will be cross-trained in a diverse set of skills, such as demolition, signals, support weapon-handling and medical aid. Your intense training and the challenging nature of your missions will turn you into an elite trooper. Here in the Commandos, your fortitude and adaptive ability will be put to the test.


Guardsmen are proficient in heliborne and underslung operations, allowing them to rig cargoes and vehicles onto a hovering helicopter for rapid deployment of troops and equipment. They undergo rigorous physical and mental training, and work in highly coordinated teams to ensure that missions are executed seamlessly and effectively.

The ability to prevail in any terrain and react quickly in every situation is what sets the Guards formation apart. High-speed deployments from a helicopter are second nature to the Guardsmen, who are able to land swiftly using specialised techniques such as hover-jumping, heli-rappelling and fast-roping. To achieve such high standards and proficiency, the men are put through rigorous training before they are deemed worthy of adorning the 'Guards' shoulder tab and the khaki beret.

You will possess remarkable fighting capabilities that will enable you to meet any challenge and secure objectives at lightning speed. Armed with cutting-edge weaponry, you will engage in operations such as patrolling a mountain ridge in a Light Strike Vehicle (LSV), or heli-rappelling into a jungle to reinforce a defensive line. Your desire to innovate and upgrade yourself will allow you to remain nimble, competent and ahead of the pack.


Infantry troops are trained to engage the enemy in face-to-face combat in all terrain conditions. Due to the nature of their operations, infantry soldiers are well-trained in combat skills and are proficient in operating advanced equipment to defeat the enemy decisively on the battlefield. The infantry soldiers possess strong mental power and a high level of fitness and discipline, operating in highly coordinated teams to ensure mission success.

The largest fighting body in Our Army, the Infantry formation is renowned for its fighting spirit, tenacity and courage. Our Infantry troopers are trained to operate under all weather conditions, across all terrain profiles, and in both day and night. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, they constantly forge new frontiers as a highly integrated force. With these, the Infantry remains as our most critical manoeuvre arm, and the driving force behind key operations.

You will be an expert in close combat, and capable of handling modern weapons like the General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) and SPIKE Anti-Tank Missile Systems. You will also be trained as part of a special breed of men who can traverse long distances across mountains and through jungles by foot. You will be challenged to go beyond your physical and mental limits, but with your perseverance, you shall see each operation through to victory.


Communication and computer systems within the SAF are essential for real-time transmission of information. Signals vocationalists are tasked with the important role of setting up and maintaining a stable and secure communication system. The information transmitted can then allow swift formulation of effective plans, and enable decisive action.

At the core of Our Army's network command, Signals has everything in control. It powers our 3rd Generation fighting forces, using revolutionary Command and Control, Communications and Computers (C4) technologies to dominate the battlefield and information battlespace. By integrating our fighting platforms together as an effective system, it is responsible for unleashing the full potential of our forces. As the vital link, it is through Signals that Our Army commands.

You will operate complex C4 systems and networks that ensure the close coordination and integration of our fighting forces. The equipment under your charge ranges from personal platoon communication sets to mobile electronics detachments. You will also handle sophisticated hardware for the reception and transmission of vital intel between the command centre and the field. In the Signals formation, you are the information and network expert of our digitised force.

For more information on a career in the Army, please visit the Army Recruitment Centre website.



When every second matters, you become the deciding factor. As a Pilot, you are the nation’s first and fastest line of defence, one that rises up to unparalleled heights while executing missions with absolute precision. As the driving force behind the most advanced fighter jets, helicopters and transport aircraft, you will think, move and act faster than others. Harness your drive for speed, and conquer new heights with us.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Pilot - Intelligence Officer (Air Intelligence)

As an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Pilot - Intelligence Officer (Air Intelligence), you will be trained to operate UAVs for the SAF's missions, and lead a team of UAV professionals to acquire and analyse vital intelligence. As our eyes in the skies, you enable us to see further while perceiving more, making your intuition to cover every angle integral to our Nation’s protection.

Air Warfare Officer (AWO)

As an Air Warfare Officer, you will direct RSAF air operations, and control RSAF aircraft as well as Ground-Based Air Defence weapon systems. Your mission is to protect Singapore from air threats and safeguard the sovereignty of our national airspace.

Air Battle Management.

As an Air Warfare Officer (Air Battle Management), you will watch over Singapore’s skies, ready to direct RSAF aircraft against potential air threats and for air combat missions. You must be vigilant, be able to prioritise tasks in a complex and fluid environment, and respond decisively to achieve mission success.

Air Defence Weapons.

As an Air Warfare Officer (Air Defence Weapons), you will protect Singapore from air threats by deploying and controlling a suite of advanced air defence weapon systems. You must work well in teams, have strong leadership and communication skills, and be ready to take decisive action at a moment’s notice.

Air Traffic Control.

As an Air Warfare Officer (Air Traffic Control), you must manage the tight airspace around Singapore to ensure that our aircraft take off from and recover to our airbases safely and expeditiously to achieve their missions. You must have good communication and analytical skills, and be able to multitask in this time-critical operating environment.

Weapon System Officer – Fighter

As a Weapon Systems Officer (Fighter), you will form part of the formidable team that flies the F-15SG and F-16D+. In addition to planning missions, you will need to make split-second decisions, navigate, monitor surface and air threats, and manage the on board weapon systems — often all at once. Join us and turn your passion for precision into our mission success.

Air Force Engineer – For SAF Engineering Scholarship Only

As an Air Force Engineer, you will lead a team of engineers to resolve complex engineering issues and spearhead engineering studies to enhance maintenance solutions. Your deep specialisation will be instrumental in ensuring the readiness of our advanced aircraft and weapon systems. Mobilise your passion for problem-solving, and ensure our capabilities and technologies are optimised for the defence of the Nation.

For more information on a career in the Air Force, please visit the Air Force Recruitment Centre website.


As a DXO, you will play a strategic role in the defence and security of Singapore. You will have opportunities to be involved in defence diplomacy to shape defence policies, or strengthen cyber resilience within Defence Cyber Organisation.

In communications, you will oversee MINDEF-wide public communications and public relations efforts to strengthen public trust in MINDEF and the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

You can also explore strategic resource management, where you will plan and manage manpower, finance and other resources, or join the Manpower Division to develop and review policies for our servicemen.

You will serve Singapore and Singaporeans, and shape the lives of those you work with as well as the future of the SAF. Most importantly, you will play a critical role in defending our sovereignty and way of life.

Here are some areas you can explore as a DXO

  • Counselling
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Analytics and Visualisation
  • Defence Policy
  • Defence Psychology
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Internal Audit
  • Logistics
  • National Education
  • Paramedical
  • Research
  • Training

For more information on a career as a DXO, please visit the DXO Recruitment website.