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To enable SVs to serve meaningfully, the SAFVC has introduced a variety of roles in 11 categories across the SAF. These roles range from security/naval operations, to specialised fields such as engineering and legal. SVs will be assigned to specific roles based on their medical fitness and overall assessed aptitude.

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There are eight roles available under the Security/ Naval/ Air/ Transport/ Surveillance Operations category.


There are five roles available under the Safety category.


The role of an InfoMedia Staff is to support the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) public communications efforts such as media management and event publicity.

InfoMedia Staff
Military Band

Military Musician will perform alongside members of the SAF Band at parades and ceremonies.

Military Musician
Psychology/ Counselling

There are two roles available under the Psychology/ Counselling category.

Command, Control, Communications And Computers (C4)

Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4) Experts provide the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) with ‘niche’ expertise in the areas of Satellite Communications and Radio Communications and Networks. The role of a C4 Expert is to support the planning of the use of radio communications, electromagnetic spectrum management and satellite communications. They are also required to provide updates and recommendations on the best commercial practices and technologies to the RSAF.

C4 Expert

There are two roles available under the Maritime category.

Medical/ Rehabilitation/ Veterinary

There are eight roles available under the Medical/ Rehabilitation/ Veterinary category.

Supply Chain

There are four roles available under the Supply Chain category.