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Message from Commander

Come forward and volunteer! Read on to find out more.
COL Mike Tan Commander, Singapore Armed Forces Volunteer Corps
National Service: The Cornerstone of Singapore's Defence and Security

We live in a prosperous nation with a thriving economy, world-class amenities and a highly educated population. That we can go about pursuing our dreams is underwritten by the men and women of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) whose mission is to enhance Singapore's peace and security through deterrence and diplomacy – and should these fail, to secure a swift and decisive victory over the aggressor.

The men and women of the SAF: Full-time National Servicemen (NSFs), NSmen and Regulars work tirelessly to ensure the peace and security of Singapore. It is a noble and onerous duty. Perhaps you, too, wish to join us in ensuring the peace and security of our home. Whether you have specific skills that are directly applicable in the SAF, or you are motivated by the desire to make a contribution to Singapore's defence and security, the SAF Volunteer Corps (SAFVC) welcomes you to join us.

Why Join The SAF Volunteer Corps

The SAFVC is a uniformed volunteer scheme introduced to provide more Singaporeans and Permanent Residents with the opportunity to contribute to national defence, show support for National Service and deepen their understanding and ownership of national defence. You will undergo progressive training to ensure that you are competent and ready to serve alongside our NSFs, NSmen and Regulars in roles that support SAF's operations and training.

Be prepared to learn to work as a team, become stronger and more resilient as you begin your journey in the SAFVC. As you serve as an SAFVC Volunteer, don't be surprised when family and friends observe a more mature and confident you. The invaluable experience and skillsets that you gain in the SAFVC will put you in good stead as you progress through life.

SAFVC Volunteer Mission and Vision

Steadfast and Vigilant
Our Mission

The mission of SAFVC Volunteers (SVs) is to serve in assigned roles alongside SAF NSFs, NSmen and Regulars to enhance the security of Singapore.

Our Vision

To be reliable, respected and resilient SVs who are competent, confident and committed, ready to serve to enhance the peace and security of Singapore.

SAFVC Logo and Motto


The SAFVC logo is inspired by the rich heritage of the Singapore Volunteer Corps (SVC). It retains the circular shield, banner and laurel of the original SVC logo which together with the lion, portray power and courage. The lion's statant posture with its head facing forward and tail curved over its back, symbolises the steadfastness and vigilance of the SVs.

The stylised outline of Singapore above the lion is a fitting reminder that our country is now a proud and independent state that relies on her people for defence. The gold of the logo, being the colour of the brass in our ammunition, signifies the martial nature of the SAFVC. This, together with the deep blue background, symbolises the common foundation of the SAF and the SAFVC.

SAFVC Motto - Steadfast & Vigilant

The SAFVC is steadfast; drawing on the spirit, fortitude and resilience of the SVs to stand united with our NSFs and NSmen in defending Singapore.

The SAFVC is vigilant; a credible and committed force that is ever watchful and never tiring in our mission to play our part to help protect Singapore.

Home of the SAFVC

The SAFVC is based in Maju Camp, which is located off Clementi Road. Maju Camp houses the SAFVC Headquarters, which functions as the Formation HQ of the SAFVC. Basic Training will also be conducted in Maju Camp for all SVs.

Maju Camp Map


The SAFVC rank structure comprises 5 tiers, enumerated by winged chevrons.

SV (Trainee)
SV 1
SV 2
SV 3
SV 4
Overview of Service

SVs are expected to volunteer for 10 Active Volunteer Service Years (AVS). These 10 AVS years will allow SVs to serve for a fulfilling and meaningful duration as they support our NSFs, NSmen and Regulars. Thereafter, SVs will be placed on the SAFVC Reserve List and can be called back, if required.

  • Experience Phase (Year 1 to 3)

    SVs will complete their Basic, Qualification, and where applicable, Advanced Training. After completion of training, SVs will be adequately prepared for their various roles and will be deployed to perform basic tasks under the close supervision of experienced commanders. This will build basic job proficiencies.

  • Perform Phase (Year 4 to 6)

    SVs may be deployed to perform more challenging roles, with less supervision. Currency and skills training will keep SVs engaged, as well as improve their skills.

  • Lead Phase (Year 7 to 10)

    Leadership modules will be introduced to equip selected SVs with the skills to take on leadership roles within SAFVC.

  • Mentor Phase (Year 10 onwards)

    Senior SVs, with more than 10 years of experience, may take up mentor or trainer roles within the SAFVC.

SAFVC Organisation Structure