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The Institute for Military Learning (IML) is established to develop competent, confident and committed SAF Training Development & Instructional (TD&I) Practitioners through training courses and continuing professional education programmes.

IML will drive TD&I Excellence in all SAF Training Institutes.

"Through IML courses, the learners can attain various levels of instructional and training development competencies. Some of these courses are embedded into the route of advancement courses in order to enhance their role as SAF Training Development & Instructional Practitioners. Basic competencies are also developed in the junior leaders, including NSFs in Officer and Specialist Cadet Courses. In addition, IML courses allow recognition for Workforce Skill Qualification (WSQ). This gives our graduates national level recognition."

~COL(Ret) Lim Seng Hock

Dean IML

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Last updated on 09 February 2018
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