Armed Force

Singapore Armed Forces Medical Corps

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Medical Corps emblem comprises two snakes intertwined about a composite motif of a sword, a pair of wings and an anchor.

The two snakes, intertwined symbolise the medical profession.

The sword, wings, and anchor, represent the Army, Air Force and Navy respectively.

The emblem colour, maroon, represents the life-saving colour of blood. Together, they depict a unified, tri-service Medical Corps serving the entire SAF.

Army Medical

Army Medical Services

The motto emblazoned on the scroll proclaims 'LIFE FIRST'. This is the essence of the arduous duty and challenge that has confronted medical forces labouring on the battlefields of war & peace throughout history. Remaining steadfast to this mission will mean the alleviation of pain and suffering, and the safeguarding of the Army's vital fighting strength.

The snake or serpent has traditionally been associated with the arts and sciences of medicine. Its origin can be traced to ancient Greece where temples devoted to worshipping the god of medicine, Aesealapins, abounded. These temples served also as hospitals and in each was to be found a circular pit containing a snake. Retrieved by coiling the serpent from around a wooden rod, it was believed that applying the snake's forked tongue to the diseased body brought about healing.

Navy Medical

Navy Medical Service

The trident has been closely associated with the Navy as it represents 'sea power'. It was the authority symbol of Poseidon, the Greek God of the Sea, also known as Neptune in Roman myth. Not only could Poseidon raise storms, he could shake the earth as a show of his power, thus the term 'earth-shaker' defined. The 3-pronged fork also symbolizes the 3 virtues of the Navy Medical Service; Professionalism, Excellence and Perseverance. Its pointed tips represent the cutting edge in medical technology and operational readiness, and epitomise the Republic of Singapore Navy as the best little Navy in the world.

The background colours of maroon represents the heritage of our medical corps, in harmony with the blue of the oceans. This is surrounded by gold, a metal of perfection, with emblematic qualities ranging from purity and refinement to truth, wisdom and power, thus setting a standard yet to be surpassed. The ropes symbolise the heritage of basic seamanship in all naval vocationalist.

Air Force

Republic of Singapore Air Force Medical Service

The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Medical Service logo reflects the integration of the medical service into RSAF operations and captures the spirit of its work ethos.

The Ornithopter represents the spirit of innovation, industry and passion that eventually enabled man to become aviators. This embodies the aspiration of the RSAF Medical Service to constantly leverage on science and creativity, and maintain our passion in order to challenge and overcome established norms in support of RSAF's ever expanding operational capabilities.

The staff with a coiled serpent is the traditional symbol of medicine and healing. It represents our core business, which is the provision of medical services to the RSAF. The serpent entwines around both the staff and wings, symbolising the RSAF Medical Service's close integration with air operations.


Our Vision


To be a world-class Medical Corps – a leader in military medicine

Our Mission


To provide excellent and comprehensive health care for our soldiers, protect their health and optimise their combat performance in order to enhance the SAF’s operational edge

Our Motto


To Seek excellence
To Save Lives
To Serve the SAF