The Singapore Armed Forces Central Band was formed during the merger of the tri-service bands in 1994 to serve as the premier band of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). Staffed by professional musicians, the SAF Central Band continues to provide top-notch musical support to major State and SAF functions, parades and ceremonies.

The SAF Central Band delivers performances in various capacities. Other than being a wind orchestra, the band also plays the role of a marching display band and a ceremonial band. The band often reconfigures itself into other smaller groups, including chamber and jazz ensembles. As the premier band of the SAF, the SAF Central Band is often seen at the Istana, performing for Presidential events and State Welcome Ceremonies for foreign dignitaries.


Apart from being an integral part of the National Day Parade, the band also regularly stages its "In Harmony" and “Chamber Repertory” concert series. Through its concerts, the SAF Central Band has collaborated with many notable conductors, composers and instrumentalists, such as Allan McMurray, Douglas Bostock, Evelyn Glennie, Michael J Colburn (USMC), Philip Sparke, James Barnes, Jan Van der Roost, Steven Mead and Tsung Yeh.


In an effort to foster closer relations with the international populace, the band regularly travels to overseas military music festivals as musical ambassadors of the Singapore Armed Forces. Thus far the band has been invited to several countries such as Brunei, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, Malaysia, the People’s Republic of China, the Russian Federation, Scotland, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States of America, with its varied performances well received by audiences and organisers worldwide.


On the domestic front, the SAF Central Band's ambassadorial efforts include school outreach programmes where schools have the opportunity to visit the band for a day of joint music making.

The SAF Central Band strives to project the professionalism of the Singapore Armed Forces through musical excellence. It is the band's mission to provide quality music support both locally and abroad, establishing stronger defence relations and achieving our vision to join the ranks of the world's finest armed forces bands.