Living the Life

There's nothing ordinary about life in the RSAF, because everything is elevated to a different plane.

Weapons Systems Officer (WSO) Fighter

You've to think fast and act even
faster, with zero tolerance for error.

CPT Eddy Ng WSO Fighter


If you think that a WSO (FTR) is just a pilot's sidekick, you're dangerously wrong. CPT Eddy Ng is an integral player on the F-16 crew. He helps with mission planning, flight navigation, keeps a keen eye on the ground and sky for any threat and makes sure they are eliminated. It is this perfectionist streak that won Eddy the Best Fighter Aircrew Award in Ex Pitch Black 2008. He led a large force employment of more than 40 operational military aircraft from 10 different nations in combat against formidable adversaries over an area half the size of Eastern Europe. He was also the first WSO (FTR) to have bagged the Best Bomber Award in the RSAF Ex Hot Shot 06/07. "In the regime of fighter operations, it is a fast, dynamic and challenging environment. You've to think fast and act even faster, with zero tolerance for error," says Eddy.

When he is not up in the air, Eddy upholds equally high standards in training requirements as a WSO (FTR) Instructor. He trains the younger pilots and WSO (FTRs), making sure appropriate training is given to the junior crew. This is a job he takes seriously. "These are the brothers and sisters I will go to war with. I will impart to them the best of what I have learnt."


"As a WSO (FTR), you must be able to tolerate high G-Forces and not be airsick while the fighter aircraft is doing extreme manoeuvres during air combat. When it's time to drop the bomb, you have to maintain full concentration to hit the right target. And before you know it, you'll have to get ready for another round of air combat on the way home," says Eddy.