Whether it's heading combat mission teams or solving complex engineering problems, we can count on our airwomen. They are here to set the standards and lead the charge.



    Weapon Systems Officer (Fighter)

    For me, "Above All" is a reminder to live up to the honour of being a member of the RSAF. It reflects the pride we take in being the finest, no matter what we do. As a Weapon Systems Officer (Fighter), I have to be a force multiplier to the team and to have the resilience to overcome any challenges and perform at my maximum. My experience has been meaningful and I really look forward to the future my career holds.



    I had the opportunity to be a Mission Commander in a Large Force Employment Exercise in Thailand. Orchestrating the fight and strategising the deployment of 69 aircraft and a host of assets for mission success was one of the most exhilarating experiences for me. And the possibilities to explore your potential in the RSAF is limitless. You are just as capable as the next person, so do not let societal norms get in the way of you achieving your dreams.


    Air Warfare Officer (Air Battle Management)

    One of the most memorable experiences that I had was during an overseas exercise. As an AWO (ABM), I was at the core of mission control, surveilling the airspace and orchestrating battles. It was a truly exhilarating experience as me and my team worked together to achieve mission success, on time on target! I don’t think that any other jobs could have replicated that sense of achievement and camaraderie! A career with the RSAF not only brings you to many places, but also brings out the best in you!


    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Pilot
    – Intelligence Officer (Air Intelligence)

    As UAV Pilots, we are constantly challenged to divide time and energy between primary duties and secondary appointments. At the same time, there is a great deal of guidance and support to help us navigate through these hurdles. Eventually, you learn to hold yourself to a higher standard. Because a career in the RSAF is dynamic and extremely rewarding. As a UAV pilot we are ensuring that any potential air threats do not slip past our guards, maintaining the peace and security that allows us all to sleep soundly at night. Lastly, my squadron's motto – Courageous and Tenacious – has been my strength. To me, it means to rise to the challenge, and take any setbacks in my stride.

  • ME2 Amber Koay

    Air Imagery Intelligence Expert

    The RSAF is an unbiased organisation that gives equal opportunity to women to excel in their area of expertise. You can take on any role and vocation based on your interests and qualities. You will learn to take ownership and initiative, and be part of exercises where your skills are tested to the limit. In one of the exercises, I had to analyse and disseminate information to Ground Commanders in a pressure situation. Succeeding in that setting was a highpoint for me. When I do feel like relieving work-related stress, I indulge in some of the many extracurricular activities organised by the RSAF that promote camaraderie and team spirit.


    Air Warfare Officer (Air Defence Weapons)

    The thing I love most about being in the RSAF is that every day is different at work. And knowing that my teammates and I are working together to protect our nation not only brings about immense satisfaction, but it also forges strong bond of friendship. My friends and family are very proud of me as they know I have taken up the challenge of an unconventional career. They feel honoured to have a friend who defends the sovereignty of Singapore.


    Air Defence Systems Specialist

    I always knew I wanted a career that challenges me both physically and mentally, something that is non-deskbound. Plus the love I had for uniforms, I was completely drawn to the RSAF after having a chat with my career advisor. It was the best choice I made for my career 12 years ago. The RSAF empowers me and has encouraged me to try out different roles within the ADSS vocation, things that I would never get to experience to otherwise. Some of them might be challenging, but I know I will always have support every step of the way.


    Air Warfare Officer (Air Traffic Control)

    A visit to one of the squadrons in the RSAF had expanded my horizons. Not only was I impressed with the operational capability on display, I was drawn to the higher purpose of defending the skies above this place we call home. From then, I have embarked on a fulfilling journey as an Air Warfare Officer (Air Traffic Control). A job that equips me with a strong foundation, adequate knowledge and clarity of mind, so I can be in control to make quick, informed and critical decisions. So, do not be bound by stereotypes and expectations. Take a leap of faith and accept the challenge!

  • ME4 Jocelyn Yeo

    Air Operations And Systems Expert

    As someone who has started a career in another industry, I did not feel they pushed me enough to grow as an individual. In the RSAF, I have constantly acquired new skills, been exposed to amazing technological advancements, and worked in time-critical operations. This has enabled me to bring out the best in myself. Because I actually enjoy working under pressure. When I am faced with a difficult task, I remind myself of my greater purpose – to defend Singapore's skies. My training kicks in, and I channel all that pressure into positivity.


    Aircrew Specialist

    One of the fundamental requirements in the RSAF is to be in a good physical condition. While the RSAF will train you up when you join, having an early head start helps. Trainings can be demanding, and it is important to meet the required standards. Our readiness during a mission depends on it.