For Parents

More than a job, a career with RSAF is a journey that can take you higher through scholarships, training and skills development opportunities every step of the way.


Every year, we receive queries from parents regarding career opportunities for their children in the RSAF. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked ones here. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

  • Q: What type of work will my child be doing?

    There is a wide range of job opportunities in the RSAF. Depending on interest and qualifications, your child may join us as a Combat Officer, Warrant Officer or Military Expert.

    During his/her career in the RSAF, your child will be able to take up different positions; from being a professional in his/her field of work, to becoming an instructor, or even a policy maker in HQ RSAF.

    Q: What skills will my child gain in the RSAF?

    Your child will be deployed to different positions in the RSAF during his/her career. He/she will gain and learn important life skills such as leadership, teamwork and discipline. In addition, depending on the vocation, the professional skills he/she picks up may also be applicable to the private sector.

  • Q: What are the scholarships and awards available?

    Depending on your child's qualifications and choice of career scheme, we have a wide range of scholarships and awards to suit the progression of his/her progression.

    Please refer to the scholarships page for more details.

    Q: Can my child apply for The SAF Scholarship?

    Yes, as long as the academic requirements are met. For The SAF Scholarship, he/she must first be accepted by PSC. For both scholarships, your child is also required to achieve good military performance.

    Q: When do we apply for the sponsorships/awards?

    Applications can be made at any time as long as your child has secured a place in ITE, polytechnic or university. You are strongly encouraged to apply early to enjoy the full value of the sponsorship.

    Q: How long is the bond period for scholarships/awards?

    The bond period for The SAF Scholarship is 6 years upon graduation.

    Please refer to the scholarships page for more details.

    Q: My child has graduated from university and managed to get a scholarship. Will we be reimbursed?

    No, unless the application was made prior to graduation. You may then be considered for midterm sponsorships.

    Q: Can my child pursue his/her own studies (without any sponsorship/award)?

    Yes, you may send your child for further education at your expense. However, it is not advisable to do so at the early stages of his/her career as this might result in him/her missing several important milestones in his/her training due to the disruption.

    Q: If my child fails the training/course, do I need to bear the cost of his scholarship/award?

    If it is a genuine failure, you are not required to bear the costs. However, if it is due to self-suspension, you are liable for bearing any salary and/or pay liquidated damages for the training cost incurred.

    Q: Can my child be sponsored under the SAF Polytechnic Sponsorship and then convert to pilot while serving his bond? Is conversion allowed from a spec vocation to pilot somewhere along the bond period?

    Yes, your child can be considered for conversion to Officer as long as he/she meets the selection criteria and qualifies for OCS after BMT. These requirements apply to all potential candidates for an Officer's vocation.