Career Schemes

Achieve your aspirations with our career schemes and vocations, and discover the excitement of life in RSAF. We offer a highly competitive range of financial and educational benefits, across all our career schemes.

Enhanced Officers Scheme (EOS)

With organisational leadership, you help strategise operational plans, while building up your capabilities in the 3rd Generation Air Force. As one of the best of every cohort, you will experience a fast-paced career while enjoying a wide range of career opportunities.

As an Officer, your military progression will be dynamic and challenging as you take on a range of command, staff and instructional appointments from junior leadership to top management.

Benefits & Rewards

  • Savings & Retirement Plan (SAVER)

    This is a savings and retirement plan designed to assure Officers and their families a sound financial future.

  • CPF Top-up Account

    A portion of your employer's CPF contributions will be deposited into this account. The amount is invested under the SAVER Fund and the amount accumulated with returns will be credited back to your CPF Account upon completion of your service.

  • Savings Account

    In addition to your salary, funds will be deposited into this account during the first 10 years of your service. You may use these funds from the 7th year onwards. The amount that can be withdrawn will depend on the length of your service.

  • Retirement Account

    Funds will be deposited into this account from the 7th year of your service till the end of your military career. This will provide you with extra financial comfort and security when you retire.

  • SAVER Bonus

    You can look foward to 6 months SAVER Bonus at the end of your 6th SAVER year.

  • Sign-on Bonus

    For Officers who are not starting on or undergoing sponsored studies, you will receive a one-time Sign-on Bonus of $10,000.

  • FLEXible Benefits

    FLEX allows you to plan your benefits according to your needs. Each year, you will be given FLEX credits, where 1 FLEX credit is equivalent to $1, to pay for your insurance, vacations, education, medical needs and more.

    Stage 1 600 credits per year (for the first 6 years of service)
    Stage 2 800 credits per year (from the 7th to 12th year of service)
    Stage 3 1000 credits per year (from the 13th year of service onwards)
  • Post-Retirement Medical Insurance (PRMI)

    Medical Insurance premiums from retirement till age 60 will be paid for by the SAF. You must retire on or after age 45 and have at least 10 years of service.

  • Other Benefits

    The SAF has a comprehensive set of benefits for all our servicemen and servicewomen, including wedding gifts, newborn gifts and wedding anniversary gifts. You will also enjoy special corporate rates for holiday resorts, mobile plans, group insurance, travel insurance and other exciting lifestyle benefits.