Career Schemes

Achieve your aspirations with our career schemes and vocations, and discover the excitement of life in RSAF. We offer a highly competitive range of financial and educational benefits, across all our career schemes.

Military Domain Experts Scheme (MDES)

MDES is a full CPF scheme with career opportunities up to age 60. Military Experts (MEs) are uniformed personnel with deep expertise in key military domains. They serve to retain deep knowledge within the 3rd Generation SAF and are important complements to the Officer and Warrant Officer Corps.



ME1 to ME3 appointments provide the foundation for building and consolidating invaluable operational experience and system competencies. With this foundation, outstanding MEs will be able to progress to higher-grade appointments of ME4 and above, which encompass greater leadership responsibilities and deeper specialisation.

Benefits & Rewards

  • Competitive Salary

    You can expect an attractive remuneration package with a Market Adjustable Specialisation Component (MASC) to recognise the expertise of military experts.

  • EXperts Continuous Engagement & Learning (EXCEL) Bonus

    You will receive periodic EXCEL bonuses of up to 28 months in total, depending on your length of service. These bonuses will be paid at age 32, 40 and 50.

  • FLEXible Benefits

    FLEX allows you to plan your benefits according to your needs. Each year, you will be given FLEX credits, where 1 FLEX credit is equivalent to $1, to pay for your insurance, vacations, education, medical needs and more.

    Stage 1 600 credits per year (for the first 6 years of service)
    Stage 2 800 credits per year (from the 7th to 12th year of service)
    Stage 3 1000 credits per year (from the 13th year of service onwards)
  • Contiguous 8-rank ME Structure

    To progress up the ranks, you will have to keep your skills sharp and constantly seek to improve your knowledge. You will attend relevant MDES courses which are mapped out accordingly to key progression points.

  • Early Degree Sponsorship

    Good performers can apply for CLASS Degree Sponsorship to pursue full-time studies at local universities. This can be as early as the end of their 3rd year of service.

  • Other Benefits

    The SAF has a comprehensive set of benefits for all our servicemen and servicewomen, including wedding gifts, newborn gifts and wedding anniversary gifts. You will also enjoy special corporate rates for holiday resorts, mobile plans, group insurance, travel insurance and other exciting lifestyle benefits.