For Parents

More than a job, a career with RSAF is a journey that can take you higher through scholarships, training and skills development opportunities every step of the way.

a career above all

At the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), we pride ourselves on being a first-class organisation staffed by world class people. We are an organisation that invests in scholarships and professional training to ensure that our people stay on the leading edge.

The RSAF offers a broad variety of vocations, from the technical and technological-based, to the organisational and management-oriented. Rest assured that whichever vocation your child chooses, they will learn valuable skills for their future endeavours.

We start right at the beginning. Promising individuals are groomed at an early age through scholarships, allowing them to gain the necessary qualifications to pursue the vocation of their choice.

Training and skills development opportunities continue throughout their time here. So your child is able to grow and develop along a clear career path, with attractive remuneration.

Your child is joining a vital force that will teach discipline, teamwork and leadership. More than that, a career in the RSAF is a calling to achieve a higher ideal.

Learn what your child can gain by answering this call to excellence.