Opportunity presents itself in various forms. Mine presented itself during a school career fair, where I approached an SYFC recruiter to learn more about what they had to offer. Since I originally had the intention of being a military pilot, I was naturally interested in being a part of the SYFC programme.


After completing my COMPASS test, aeromedical assessment and interview, I started my SYFC journey after my 'A' Level exam with the Post-A Level Course* (PAC) – an accelerated programme that aims to develop individuals who are keen on joining the RSAF as a pilot.

I began my time in SYFC with PAC-14, flying the Diamond DA40 aircraft. Besides learning the technical aspects of flying, I developed my confidence in handling the aircraft from my Basic Flying Course (BFC) instructor Mr Lionel Lye, which eventually led to my First Solo Flight. As I progressed, Mr Simon Sim took me for the final phase of my training. During my time with him, he further developed my flying competency and ability to handle pressure when put in difficult situations. This eventually led to me attaining the coveted SYFC Wings before I enlisted for Basic Military Training.

SYFC provided me with an opportunity to explore a field that I previously had little knowledge about. In addition to my flying experience with SYFC, my interactions with the management and instructors of SYFC further affirmed my decision to join the RSAF.


My journey to becoming a pilot began with my enrolment into the 172nd Basic Wings Course whilst flying the Pilatus PC-21 with 130 Squadron. During my stint with 130 Squadron, I was fortunate to be awarded the SAF Academic Scholarship under the Undergraduate Pilot Scheme.

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with Nanyang Technological University and will return to the RSAF to continue my training in 2021. I aspire to be an F-16 pilot in future.

* The Post-A Levels Course (PAC) is a full-time program which accelerates your path to obtaining a Private Pilot's License (PPL). The course will begin after your last A-Level paper, and stretch until you pass your Final Handling Test (FHT). During this period of time, you are expected to fully commit yourself to the program. From Tuesday to Friday, you will be required to be present at SYFC to go through lessons, simulator sessions, flights and study.