Pilot : MAJ Nah Jinping

The epitome of extraordinary courage, competence, and character, MAJ Nah Jinping not only breaks sound barriers – she also shatters your conventional idea of what a woman can, or cannot do.

Why did you choose to join the RSAF?

After college, I was in search of a road less travelled – a career that was exciting, different, and purposeful. As I was also extremely fascinated by airplanes, it was a natural choice for me to sign up to be a pilot.

What's it like being a female fighter pilot?

When I was a trainee, I started out trying to be one of the boys. But I soon realised that I should just be myself, and do my best in every aspect of training. Because ultimately, being a fighter pilot is not about gender, but what you are able to accomplish. While the mental and physical challenges involved are immense, nothing beats the satisfaction that you get when you overcome them.

What's the best thing about your job?

I love many things about my job – but the one thing that trumps it all is, of course, being able to fly the mighty Eagle (F-15SG) almost every day. There's no other feeling in the world that can replace the rush of flying so high and at the speed of sound. Plus, knowing that I'm doing all of this to protect the country and people that I love, it makes my job all the more rewarding.


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