Air Force Engineer : ME5 Kristy Rose Ryan

When did you decide to embark on an Air Force career, and what attracted you to do so?

Growing up, my parents frequently brought me to the Singapore Airshow. The fascinating aerobatic displays and thunderous roar of the jet engines left a big impression on me. I decided to embark on a career in the RSAF after graduating, allowing me to combine my interests in engineering and airplanes.

How have you grown as a professional and as an individual since entering the Air Force?

As an Air Force Engineer, we are held to very high standards to ensure the airworthiness of the aircraft and systems. As such, it is imperative that we continuously develop our technical competency and knowledge to do our job well. I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to attend numerous professional training courses, both overseas and local, which has helped deepen my engineering expertise.

What leadership opportunities have you taken on in the Air Force?

I was the OC of Communication, Navigation and Electronic Warfare Flight in 808 Squadron, where I led a team of Air Force Engineers to manage and maintain the systems on board the F-16D+. I lead the team to rectify aircraft and provide engineering solutions to ensure that the aircraft systems are fit for flight.


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