Air Force Engineer : ME5 Kirsten Yuan

Every aircraft and weapon system in the RSAF has thousands of parts, hundreds of switches, and dozens of sensors. And it takes someone with a keen eye for detail, as well as a certain level of meticulousness to keep them running like clockwork. ME5 Kirsten Yuan is one such person.

What is it like to be an AFE?

The best part about being an AFE is that it involves both engineering and adventure. On one hand, I am tasked to uphold the high standard of airworthiness of the RSAF's aircraft. On the other, I get to be deployed to the high seas and rough lands to support various operations. And that's where the adventure lies.

Do you think women can excel in the RSAF?

The playing field is equal, and there's really nothing that's stopping a woman from doing her job well. The assigned workload, as well as the expected output, is no different from any other personnel. Personally, I have no issues with working in the RSAF, because at the end of the day, it's not about gender difference. It's about doing your best for your country.

Why is being an engineer in the RSAF so special?

There's no other profession in the world that can keep you constantly challenged on aviation engineering knowledge, operational adaptability and team excellence. Rather than devoting my hard work to other engineering fields, being in the RSAF allows me to contribute directly to the defence of our nation – which, to me, is an extremely meaningful cause.


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