Air Defence Systems Specialist : 1SG Annabel Oh

Which parts of your job do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy being able to do my part to protect Singapore and Singaporeans from security threats, and in doing so, preserve our way of life. I like that my job exposes me to different working conditions. In the office, I get to develop stronger analytical, staff-writing and presentation skills. Out in the field, my team and I train hard and forge strong camaraderie to achieve our assigned mission effectively and safely.

How does team excellence come into play in the Air Force?

In the RSAF, we acknowledge the importance of each and every individual. We recognise that like puzzle pieces, every individual's contribution is integral to safeguarding our skies, and as a whole, we are a cohesive team capable of achieving great things. This is regardless of the vocation, rank, or gender of the individual.

What traits and qualities should an Airwoman possess?

An airwoman needs to be psychologically resilient and physically fit. She should be someone who values teamwork, leads by example, relishes overcoming challenges, and has the right heart to serve and wants to do more for Singapore.


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