Theme: Brotherhood


By Reuben Yap

This is my story of commitment & brotherhood. As an instructor at the Engineer Training Institute, Officer Training Wing (ETI-OTW), we often have to go for overseas training. While it is tiring due to the back to back schedule, and we have to leave our family back in Singapore for weeks at end, I've never heard my peers/fellow instructors complain. Instead, I see their commitment in grooming our future leaders to lead the formation. In my time at OTW, I've also seen real camaraderie, where my peers and I, we work as a team, ranks aside, and give our all to inspiring the cadets.

Furthermore, we were led by a boss who always shared with us his experience and led by example. At the end of the day, in addition to the brotherhood I've forged at OTW, it's also especially rewarding when you see these new leaders commission as officers, passing out as good soldiers and proud leaders, from the inexperienced cadets they were to being committed soldiers to defend our country. With that, I dedicate this story to the good leaders and peers whom I've worked with, and Happy 55th Anniversary to the Singapore Army!


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