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By LCP Chua Han Yong Darren, 705 Sqn

Having had a sheltered life before enlistment, going through the Basic Military Training and Emergency Medical Technician course was tough for me as I had to overcome the issue of my homesickness and frequent emotional breakdowns when faced with regimentation. Basic household chores such as tidying the bed and washing clothes were foreign to me and I had to learn from scratch.

Initially, I found it really tricky to be mentally resilient and optimistic through the journey. However, posting to the medic vocation changed my life and mindset. I knew I had a responsibility to save lives and take care of others when they are in need of medical assistance. Learning to be independent, I picked up key skills such as Basic Cardiac Life Support and Intravenous Infusion which I had never thought I would have to do. After my posting as an RSAF medic to Tengah Air Base, I had the opportunity to deal with different types of medical emergencies and work together with other medics in treating patients. I'm very thankful to all the commanders I've met who have helped me stay positive and constantly encouraged me throughout the past year. Despite the fact that I'm smaller in physical stature compared to the rest, they believed in my medical skills and that I would be able to do it.

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