Theme: Personal Growth


Inspector (NS) Melvin Ong Yew Sheng,
Deputy Team Leader,
Public Transport Security Command (TransCom)

What is your job scope?

As a Deputy Team Leader in TransCom managing over 170 PNSFs, I assist the Team Leader in the execution of my team’s shift work plans, performing supervisory checks on officers on patrols. In addition to my job scope, I also join my team on patrols.

What is the most memorable case you have worked on?

Definitely the first arrest with my team! Upon receiving information about a suspect who may be involved in an outrage of modesty case, we quickly linked up with the investigation officer assigned to this case. Travel patterns of the suspect were established as we began to work out details for the ambush. As this was my first time being involved in an investigation, it was nerve-wracking but also exciting. With the guidance from more experienced officers, it helped to make me feel more assured and confident of what needed to be done. Eventually, the ambush operation went as planned and the suspect was detained.

What challenges did you face in your course of duty?

I have never had such a big responsibility in my life! Managing a team of 170 PNSFs was definitely my biggest challenge. Everyone had their unique personalities. It was not easy to understand every single one of them and to address their needs. Further, all of us are performing duties that are crucial in the safety and security of our people. Thus, it was important to better understand them by trying to see things from their perspectives before I could seek out suitable solutions. I was also thankful for the guidance that I have received from my supervisors and seniors which had helped me a lot in the management of my team.

What was the one valuable lesson you learnt throughout your NS stint with SPF?

During my NS stint, I had the opportunity to experience the different facets of policing work. When I was deployed on the ground, I met people from all walks of life. I learnt how to handle situations in a calm and composed manner, without being too quick to pass judgements. Often, there is more that lies behind what we see on the surface. When you don on the police uniform, the public expects your highest level of professionalism, regardless of whether you are an NSF or a regular.

This story was first published in the Police Life Magazine 2018, Issue 08/09.