We invite you to ‘Cepat Jalan’ with us!

The NS55 Interactive Trail, titled ‘Cepat Jalan’ is a physical trail in central Singapore that comprises at least 7 discovery points. At each discovery point, you will be able to interact with the surrounding space via augmented reality and games to learn more about the location’s significance to NS. Visit all the discovery points to see what surprise awaits you at the end!

Those who prefer to explore the discovery points from the comfort of your own home can also do so via the virtual trail, which covers the same discovery points as the physical trail, and additional locations!

More information on the trail will be available when it launches in the second half of 2022. Stay tuned!

Did you know?

The drill command ‘Cepat Jalan’ is often used in NS to mean quick march. In Malay, it means to walk fast. We hope each discovery point brings you new insights on NS as you cepat jalan from discovery point to discovery point!