We invite you to ‘Cepat Jalan’ with us!

The NS55 Interactive Trail ‘Cepat Jalan’ comprises a Walking Trail in central Singapore with seven Discovery Points, and a Virtual Trail with 12 Discovery Points.

Walking Trail

From 5 to 30 September 2022, stand to win a limited edition NS55-themed EZ-link charm when you complete the Walking Trail!

The 3.3km trail will bring you to the following locations where you will be able to learn more about the location’s history and why it bears significance to National Service, through Augmented Reality (AR) animations and games:


Battle Box @ Fort Canning

Fort Canning Park is one of Singapore’s oldest landmarks. Discover its rich history – from housing a secret underground command centre during World War II to being home to Singapore’s first military college.


Clemenceau Ave

When the colonial government first introduced the NS Ordinance in 1954, hundreds of Chinese middle school students protested at Clemenceau Avenue. Explore the early years of NS and watch the demonstration in our 360° environment!


Central Fire Station

Listen to the stories behind Singapore’s oldest surviving fire station and learn all about the early years of NS and how it has evolved for our new generation of servicemen.


Singapore Management University (SMU)

What’s next after NS? There are many opportunities for our full-time national servicemen (NSFs)! They can pursue their dream career or further their studies at Institutes of Higher Learning such as SMU.

Find out how MINDEF/SAF and MHA/Home Team support our NSFs in this transition.


Civilian War Memorial

The Civilian War Memorial, dedicated to the victims of the Japanese Occupation, is a poignant reminder of the price of war. Find out how the SAF and the public remember the sacrifices of those who perished in World War II.



Spanning across the Singapore River, the Esplanade Bridge is the starting point for the popular SAFRA Singapore Bay Run and Army Half Marathon. Learn more about this national running event and how it has bonded and won the hearts of our national servicemen and their families.


The Float @ Marina Bay

The Float @ Marina Bay holds many fond memories for both the public and our national servicemen. It is where previous years’ National Day Parades and Basic Military Training graduation parades were held. Come end-2026, The Float will be redeveloped into NS Square. Discover more about what NS Square will bring to the Marina Bay area.

You are free to decide on the sequence of the Discovery Points to visit, but for the best story flow, the following route is recommended: Battle Box @ Fort Canning > Clemenceau Ave > Central Fire Station > Singapore Management University > Civilian War Memorial > Esplanade > The Float @ Marina Bay*.

*Should The Float @ Marina Bay be closed and not available for public access due to an event, you will still be able to trigger the menu option for The Float @ Marina Bay at the Youth Olympic Park or Helix Bridge.

To fully experience the trail, you will require a phone that has Internet connection and camera functionality. To begin your adventure, simply

  1. Head to one of the Discovery Points with your phone.
  2. Ensure the location services setting for your preferred browser is turned on.
  3. Launch the Cepat Jalan website for the Walking Trail on your preferred Internet browser. If your location setting is on, the drop pin of the discovery point that you are at should turn red.
  4. Tap on the red drop pin to trigger that Discovery Point’s menu option, where you will be able to access the AR animation or game, and articles about the Discovery Point and NS.
  5. Remember to collect the AR jigsaw puzzle piece at each of the Discovery Points to redeem a digital prize for completing the trail!

GIVEAWAY: Here’s how you can win a limited edition NS55-themed EZ-link charm, from 5 to 30 September 2022:

  1. Upon collecting the AR jigsaw puzzle piece at each of the Discovery Points, you will receive a digital postcard for completion of the trail. Share that postcard on any of your social media accounts.
  2. Download the CAMOKAKIS app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile phone, and log in with your mobile number (applicable to new users).
  3. Go to the ‘LOBANGS’ section on the app, and select the NS55 Interactive Trail Giveaway.
  4. Submit a screenshot of your post of the Interactive Trail digital postcard on your social media account.
  5. Look out for an in-app notification on how to collect your limited edition NS55-themed EZ-link charm!

For any giveaway-related queries, you may write in to contactus@camokakis.sg.



The red drop pin on the map indicate that the user is in the vicinity of a Discovery Point and that the menu option can be triggered.

Green drop pins on the map indicate the other available Discovery Points in the Trail. To access the content at these drop pins, walk to the respective locations.

Grey drop pins on the map indicate the Discovery Points that have been explored.

Virtual Trail

Those who prefer to explore the discovery points from the comfort of your own home can also do so via the Virtual trail, which covers the same seven Discovery Points as the Walking Trail, as well as five additional Discovery Points shown below. To access the Virtual trail, visit go.gov.sg/NS55trail.


Dempsey Hill

The distinct black-and-white colonial houses on Dempsey Hill used to serve as military barracks for European troops back in the 1800s. Discover how the Singapore government has utilised the barracks over the years while preserving their history.


Former Taman Jurong Camp

The former Taman Jurong Camp was Singapore’s first NS Camp. Once a cluster of five-storey blocks of flats, it is now a heritage site to honour our pioneer national servicemen. Learn more about the neighbourhood and what it was like for our first batch of enlistees.


Police Heritage Centre

The Police Heritage Centre highlights the rich history of the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and pays tribute to the police officers who have died in the line of duty to keep Singapore safe and secure. Learn more about the courageous men and women who help make Singapore one of the safest countries in the world.


SAFRA Mount Faber

SAFRA was formed to provide a place for our SAF national servicemen to bond, and where they and their families can partake in various sports and social activities. How well do you know SAFRA and its various offerings? Find out here!


NS Hub

The NS Hub, which will be ready in the near future, will be a one-stop service centre for our NS community. Check out the new facilities available to national servicemen and the public!


  • Do I need to download an app for the walking trail?

    A: You do not need to download an app for the walking trail. The walking trail can be accessed at go.gov.sg/NS55trail on your preferred internet browser.

  • What browser is recommended for the walking trail?

    A: For the best experience, it is recommended to access the trail on the latest version of Google Chrome or Safari.

  • What time is the trail open for walking?

    A: As the trail will bring you to public locations, you are able to access the Discovery Points at these locations 24/7. However, we recommend walking the trail during the day where there is sufficient light to view the AR elements on the trail.

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