The registration period for the 1-year complimentary principal SAFRA or HomeTeamNS membership, given as part of the NS55 Recognition Package to eligible NSmen, has been extended to 31 Jul 2023.

For those who have yet to register, you may do so via (for MINDEF/SAF servicemen) or (for MHA/HTNS servicemen).

General Enquiries

  • What is the significance of NS55?

    A: 2022 marks 55 years of National Service (NS55). Through NS55, we hope to commemorate the importance of NS to Singapore’s defence and success as a nation, as well as recognise the contributions of national servicemen, past and present. In addition, we also hope to convey the message that securing Singapore’s defence through NS requires the commitment and support of every Singaporean.

  • How long will the NS55 commemorative efforts last?

    A: The NS55 commemorative efforts will span from March to December 2022.

  • What kind of upcoming NS55 commemoration activities are there?

    A: Key NS55 commemoration events will include the launch of the NS55 Showcase in May and the NS55 Interactive Trail in 2H 2022. For a more detailed list of the upcoming NS55 activities, please visit the Calendar of Events page.
  • How can I get involved in the NS55 commemorative efforts?

    A: You are welcome to participate in our upcoming NS55 commemorative efforts, such as the NS55 Showcase and NS55 Interactive Trail. For a list of upcoming NS55 activities, please visit the Calendar of Events page.

    Ground-up initiatives and activities that organisations, companies and individuals would like to contribute to the NS55 commemorative activities are greatly welcomed. If you would like to share your ideas for the NS55 commemorative activities, please contact us at

  • Do I have to be a national serviceman to participate in and/or initiate NS55 activities?

    A: Everyone is welcome to contribute and participate in the NS55 commemorative efforts. We recognise that support for NS comes from people from all walks of life, including their families, friends, colleagues and the community.

NS55 Recognition Package

  • What is the NS55 Recognition Package?

    To commemorate 55 years of National Service, MINDEF and the MHA will offer the NS55 Recognition Package to past and present national servicemen to thank them for their contributions to Singapore’s defence and security.

    The NS55 Recognition Package comprises $100 worth of credits for eligible past and present national servicemen, as well as one year of free SAFRA/HomeTeamNS membership for national servicemen who are serving / have served Operationally Ready NS.

    Eligibility for the NS55 Recognition Package will be determined based on service status in May. Full-time national servicemen (NSFs) who enlist by 31 December 2022 will also be given the NS55 Recognition Package after they enlist.

  • I am a Full-Time National Serviceman (NSF). How and when will I get my package?

    From mid-June 2022, the NS55 Recognition Package notification letter will be mailed directly to your official address as per your NRIC. You will receive an SMS notification from July 2022 that the NS55 credits have been disbursed to you. Instructions on how to access the credits will be provided in the SMS.
  • I am / was an Operationally-Ready National Serviceman (NSman; previously known as Reservist). How and when will I get my package?

    From mid-June 2022 onwards, you will receive your NS55 Recognition Package notification letter at your official address as per your NRIC. The notification letter will contain more instructions on how to register for your SAFRA/HomeTeamNS membership. Upon successful registration and verification, you will receive an email with your membership login details to access the mSAFRA or HomeTeamNS mobile application. The registration for membership will close on 31 December 2022.

    From July 2022, you will receive an SMS notification that the NS55 credits have been disbursed to you. Instructions on how to access the credits will be provided in the SMS.

  • I am a Full-Time National Serviceman who is disrupted from full-time NS. Am I eligible for the NS55 Recognition Package?

    Yes, you will receive the NS55 Recognition Package containing $100 credits.
  • What should I look out for in the mail?

    You will receive a white envelope with the NS55 logo printed, containing your NS55 Recognition Package notification letter.
  • When can I expect to receive the NS55 Recognition Package after I receive the notification letter?

    The NS55 credits will be disbursed to you automatically from July 2022. It will be in the form of digital credits disbursed via the LifeSG mobile application.

    For the SAFRA/HomeTeamNS membership, you will need to register via the QR code or link provided in the notification letter. You will then receive the membership login details via email to log on to the mSAFRA or HomeTeamNS mobile application.

  • What are the validity periods for these benefits?

    The NS55 credits are valid for one year upon issuance. The tenure of the complimentary SAFRA/ HomeTeamNS membership will be one year upon SAFRA/HomeTeamNS’ issuance of your membership.

  • I have other queries on the NS55 Recognition Package.

    Please contact the NS55 Call Centre for further enquiries. If you are a MINDEF/SAF national serviceman, call 1800 723 6755 or email If you are a MHA/Home Team national serviceman, call 6708 6660 or send in your request via
  • I Am a Uniform Regular. Am I Eligible For The NS55 Recognition Package?

    Uniformed regulars from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), Singapore Police Force (SPF), Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) and Singapore Prison Service (SPS) are not eligible for NS Recognition benefits, including the NS55 Recognition Package.

  • What can the NS55 credits be used for?

    The NS55 credits can be used to make payment at any online/physical merchant accepting payment by “Scan and Pay” via PayNow UEN QR or NETS QR (from April 2022 onwards). This includes heartland shops, hawkers, and e-commerce merchants, and making payments to government agencies and educational institutions.
  • I do not have a mobile phone to spend my NS55 credits.

    You can use the phone of your friend or family member to log in to the LifeSG application via your Singpass and access your credits. The LifeSG application can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store at
  • What should I do if I did not receive or accidentally deleted the SMS notification?

    You can check if you had received a notification letter that you are eligible and access your NS55 credits in the LifeSG application, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store at
  • How will I be informed of the NS55 credits disbursement?

    You will be informed with an SMS notification to your mobile number. You are encouraged to update your mobile number on NS Portal or Singpass by 15 June 2022, if the existing number that is registered is not valid.
  • Can I request for an extension of credit validity beyond 12 months?

    There will be no extension of credit validity unless stated otherwise.
  • If the NS55 credits are not sufficient for my transactions, can I top-up using my own funds?

    No, you cannot top-up the credit balance in the LifeSG application. For purchases of amounts above your credit balance, you may choose to pay the difference using other payment modes that the merchants accept (e.g. cash, debit/credit cards).
  • For purchases on e-commerce platforms like Shopee, how do I pay for items if the total value is more than the NS55 credits that I have?

    You may choose to top-up your e-commerce wallets like ShopeePay using your NS55 credits via the PayNow option. Thereafter, you can pay for your items by selecting the e-commerce wallet as your payment mode.

    For example:

    Step 1 : Go to ShopeePay.

    Step 2 : Select Top Up.

    Step 3 : Select and confirm PayNow as the top-up option.

    Step 4 : Save or screenshot the PayNow QR code.

    Step 5 : Access your NS55 credits on LifeSG application and scan the saved copy of PayNow QR code from the e-commerce platform.

    Step 6 : Enter and confirm the amount of credits to topup to ShopeePay.

    You can now select ShopeePay as your payment mode to pay for your purchases online.

  • How will I know that I have successfully spent the credits in the LifeSG application?

    You will see a payment success screen at the end of each transaction. You will also be able to view your credit balance and past transactions on the LifeSG application.
  • If I have received credits from other recognition initiatives such as the NS Excellence Award (NSEA), can I combine them with the NS55 credits?

    No, the NS55 credits and credits from other initiatives such as the NSEA or CG are allocated into separate e-wallets. However, you can choose to inform the merchant that you will be paying in multiple transactions for your purchase, and you can spend the credits from different initiatives for each transaction.
  • I am currently overseas and would like to use my credits. How can I do so?

    If you are residing overseas, you may use your credits at online merchants that accept PayNow UEN QR or NETS QR payment.

    Alternatively, you may use your credits to top-up any e-wallets or make payments on e-commerce platforms that accept PayNow UEN QR or NETS QR as a payment method.

  • Will I be able donate my NS55 credits to those in need?

    Servicemen can donate their credits to any online charity platform that accepts donations by “Scan and Pay” via PayNow UEN QR or NETS QR.

  • I cannot find the LifeSG application on the Huawei AppGallery. How can I download the LifeSG application?

    The LifeSG application is only available for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It is not available on the Huawei AppGallery. If you are unable to access the LifeSG application from your phone, you may use your friend or family member’s mobile phone, which can download the LifeSG application to access your credits.
  • I am facing some technical issues downloading the LifeSG app or using the app’s features on my mobile phone.

    Your phone's operating system may not be compatible with the LifeSG application. Update your operating system to (a) iOS13 and above (Apple users) or (b) Android 10 and above (Android users). Alternatively, you may wish to use another Android or iOS device to log in to LifeSG and Singpass to use the credits.

    You may also contact for help on technical troubleshooting for the LifeSG app.

  • I encountered errors while using the LifeSG application and have problems spending my credits. What should I do?

    It may be due to one of the following reasons:
    Possible Issues Faced Solution
    a The QR code displayed by the merchant does not include PayNow as a payment mode. Go to participating merchants that accept payment via PayNow UEN QR.
    b The PayNow QR code is tagged to the merchant’s personal mobile number instead of a company UEN.
    c The QR code displayed by the merchant has expired.
    d The LifeSG application is unable to scan the QR code displayed due to poor lighting. Check WiFi connection or data stability.

    For further enquiries, please call the NS55 call centre at 1800 723 6755 / (SAF) or 6708 6660 / send enquiries via (HomeTeam).

  • Do I need to log in to Singpass every time I access the LifeSG application?

    No, you are only required to log in using Singpass when you first download the application. Subsequent logins do not require Singpass logins again, unless you have (i) not used LifeSG application for more than a year, (ii) deleted the application and re-downloaded it, or (iii) logged out of the application.
  • Is authentication required to authorise transactions made on the LifeSG application?

    Yes, phone authentication, such as passcode, pattern, fingerprint or facial verification, is required to authorise transactions of any amount.
  • Can I cancel my payment after I have confirmed the payment on the LifeSG application?

    No, your credits will be deducted once the payment is successful.
  • How do I know whether the SGQR displayed includes PayNow UEN or NETS QR as a payment mode at the point of sale?

    Look out for the PayNow logo on the SGQR label. You can only spend your credits at merchants with PayNow UEN QR. If you are unable to spend your credits at merchants who display the PayNow logo, the merchants may have tagged their PayNow account to a personal mobile number rather than the company UEN. For NETS, press the option to display the QR image on the NETS machine instead of scanning your card.
  • Why is my transaction not successful even though the merchant accepts PayNow QR?

    The credits in the LifeSG application can only be spent at merchants who accept payment by “Scan and Pay” via PayNow UEN QR. PayNow QR codes registered to their personal mobile numbers or NRIC instead of a company UEN are not accepted.
  • Why are my transactions not showing in the LifeSG application?

    While uncommon, some transactions may not appear in the transaction history immediately after completing the payment. A payment is deemed to be successful when you see the payment success screen with the transaction details reflected at the end of the transaction.
  • I experienced transaction issues with my credits, e.g. credits were deducted but I did not receive my goods or the merchant claimed that funds were not received. How do I resolve this?

    Please call the NS55 call centre at 1800 723 6755 / (SAF) or 6708 6660 / send enquiries via (HomeTeam) with details of your transaction for us to investigate. Alternatively, please take screenshots of the error and email them to (SAF) or send enquiries via (HomeTeam).
  • Who can I contact to seek clarifications on redemption matters?

    For further assistance, please call the NS55 call centre at 1800 723 6755 / (SAF) or 6708 6660 / send enquiries via (HomeTeam).
  • Will there be support provided to those who do not have mobile phones, data connectivity or SingPass?

    As part of MINDEF/SAF's effort to go digital and green, we encourage servicemen to redeem their NS55 credits via the LifeSG app. To help you with the process, a step-by-step guide on how to use your credits has been provided in the hardcopy letter that you should have already received. The guide is also available on the NS55 website ( You may also seek help from your family members and friends, or approach our digital ambassadors at convenient locations island wide for more assistance.

    Hardcopy vouchers can be provided to those who have no means to access the credits via the LifeSG mobile app. In such circumstances, national servicemen can either contact the NS55 call centre at 1800 723 6755 / (SAF) or 6708 6660 / send enquiries via (HomeTeam).

  • Where can I find the digital ambassadors for assistance on how to access the credits on the LifeSG application?

    For further enquiries and assistance, you may approach our digital ambassadors at the following locations:

    - SG Digital community hubs located at selected Community Centres and Public Libraries

    - SAFRA and HomeTeamNS clubhouse customer service counters

    - Majestic Smart Senior Applied Learning Centre (MSSALC)

    - RSVP Singapore The Organisation of Senior Volunteers (RSVP HQ)

    - ServiceSG Centres

  • I have a mobile phone but I would still prefer hardcopy vouchers. Why should I use the digital credits instead?

    Digital credits offer benefits to servicemen that hardcopy vouchers do not.

    As a show of support for NS, merchants will be offering additional discounts and promotions when servicemen redeem their NS Recognition credits at these shops. This means the digital credits will have greater value. The full list of promotions can be accessed here.

    The NS55 credits can also be used at a broader range of merchants than the vouchers, including heartland shops, hawkers, e-commerce merchants, and even at government agencies and educational institutions.

    National servicemen will be able to receive, carry and redeem these credits conveniently via their mobile devices, instead of having to carry hardcopy vouchers. The likelihood of misplacing or losing credits is significantly lower than doing so for hardcopy vouchers.

  • I am still facing difficulties in redeeming my credits. Can I request for hardcopy vouchers instead?

    Servicemen are strongly encouraged to redeem their NS55 credits via the LifeSG mobile app to enjoy exclusive discounts and access to a wider range of merchants accepting payment by PayNow UEN QR or NETS QR. As hardcopy vouchers are not issued by default, servicemen who have no means to access the credits and require hardcopy vouchers may contact the NS55 call centre at 1800 723 6755 / (SAF) or 6708 6660 / send enquiries via (HomeTeam). Once your request has been approved, a notification letter with further instructions on how to collect the hardcopy vouchers will be mailed to your registered address.

  • I am facing issues collecting the hardcopy vouchers in person. Can a family member collect them on my behalf?

    Once your request for hardcopy vouchers has been approved, a notification letter with further instructions on how to collect the hardcopy vouchers, and an authorisation form will be mailed to your registered address. Servicemen can authorise a family member to collect the vouchers on their behalf by completing the authorisation form. The authorised family member must bring the completed authorisation form, together with his/her NRIC (or the serviceman’s physical NRIC) and notification letter to any SAFRA clubs to collect the hardcopy vouchers.

  • I have used up some of my credits via the LifeSG app and would now like to convert the balance of my credits to hardcopy vouchers.

    Hardcopy vouchers will only be issued if the full sum of the $100 credits remain unused.

  • I do not have access to the Internet to register for SAFRA / HomeTeamNS membership

    You may visit a SAFRA or HomeTeamNS clubhouse and seek assistance from the digital ambassadors at the clubhouses to register for the respective membership.
  • What are some of the SAFRA and HomeTeamNS membership benefits?

    Members can enjoy a host of benefits to cater to their life stage and lifestyle needs. For a comprehensive list of SAFRA and HomeTeamNS facilities, activities and privileges, please visit and
  • I am a national serviceman who changed service from the SAF to the SPF/SCDF during NS (or vice versa). Am I eligible for SAFRA or HomeTeamNS membership? Can I choose which type of membership I want to receive?

    NSmen will receive the one-year complimentary membership according to the service that they were last posted to. Such membership, awarded under the NS55 Recognition Package, will not be transferrable between SAFRA/HomeTeamNS.
  • Can I obtain a refund for the SAFRA/HomeTeamNS membership that I have registered for earlier, before receiving the NS55 Recognition Package?

    Refunds for existing membership will not be provided. If you are an existing member, registration for the membership under the NS55 Recognition Package will extend your existing membership by one year.
  • How can I be assured that the personal data provided to MINDEF/MHA is secure?

    The care and protection of information, including your personal data, is of utmost importance to MINDEF and MHA. Our servicemen are regularly educated on the guidelines for personal data protection, and the need to handle personal data carefully and sensitively. These include the requirement to seek proper approval for the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data.

    The registration process for SAFRA/HomeTeamNS is needed to facilitate the creation of an e-membership.

    This digital redemption of NS recognition benefits via LifeSG is a collaboration between MINDEF and the Smart Nation Digital Government Group. No personal data will be passed to external contractors for the purpose of implementing this scheme.

NS55 Interactive Trail

  • Do I need to download an app for the walking trail?

    A: You do not need to download an app for the walking trail. The walking trail can be accessed at on your preferred internet browser.

  • What browser is recommended for the Walking and Virtual trail?

    A: For the best experience, it is recommended to access the trail on the latest version of Google Chrome or Safari.

  • What time is the trail open for walking?

    A: As the trail will bring you to public locations, you are able to access the Discovery Points at these locations 24/7. However, we recommend walking the trail during the day where there is sufficient light to view the AR elements on the trail.

  • What is the recommended route for the Walking trail?

    A: The recommended route for the best story flow is Battle Box > Clemenceau Ave > Central Fire Station > SMU > Civilian War Memorial > Esplanade > The Float @ Marina Bay. However, it is not necessary to strictly follow the recommended route to complete the trail. You are free to decide on the sequence of the Discovery Points to visit.

  • How long is the Walking trail?

    A: The trail is an estimated 3.3km long, and will take about 1.5-2hrs to complete, depending on the route taken and walking speed.

  • I cannot access The Float @ Marina Bay as it is not available for public access due to an event.

    A: You will still be able to trigger the menu option for The Float @ Marina Bay at the Youth Olympic Park or Helix Bridge.

  • Is there a reward for completing the Walking or Virtual trail?

    A: Participants who have successfully collected the AR Jigsaw at the Discovery Points in the Walking or Virtual trail will be able to redeem a unique set of NS55 Trail digital sticker pack.

  • What do the drop pins on the Walking Trail’s map indicate?

    A: The red drop pin on the map indicate that the user is in the vicinity of a Discovery Point and that the menu option can be triggered. Green drop pins on the map indicate the other available Discovery Points in the Trail. To access the content at these drop pins, walk to the respective locations. Grey drop pins on the map indicate the Discovery Points that have been explored.

  • Do I require a smartphone for the Walking trail?

    A: To fully experience the trail, you will require a phone that has Internet connection, location tracking and camera functionality.

  • How do I determine my current position on the Walking trail?

    A: Your position is displayed as the small green circle on the map. Your browser’s location tracking will have to be enabled in order for the small green circle to appear.

  • How do I access a Discovery Point on the Walking Trail?

    A: Move close to the Discovery Point location until the drop pin turns red. Tap on the red drop pin icon or the red header button of the discovery point to launch the Discovery Point’s menu page to start your experience.

  • Why can’t I see the Augmented Reality (AR) animation?

    A: Ensure that your web browser setting allows the use of the camera function. Once you have ensured that the permission is allowed, refresh the web browser and continue the trail exploration.

  • Will I lose my progress on the trail if I close the browser in between Discovery Points?

    A: Your progress on the trail will be retained as long as your browser’s cache is not cleared when you close the browser.

  • What is the Field Pack Quest and how do I access it?

    A: You will be able to collect the Field Pack Quest items throughout the entire Walking trail. There is one Field Pack Quest item to collect per Discovery Point. The Field Pack Quest items are plotted near each of the seven discovery points.