NE Resource Packages

Nexus develops resource packages on "NE moments" that are of interest to Singapore or may have security implications for us. For example, cyber attacks or terrorist attacks.

Information Packages – These are sent to National Education practitioners to read or use as reference material when they discuss current developments with their target audiences.

Engagement Packages – The engagement packages (with an "[E]" beside the title), which include PowerPoint slides, are used for deeper discussions.

Please contact us at if you are interested in the slides for the topics below:


[E] National Day 2021 (AUG 2021)

  • Singapore's independence
  • What it means to be Singaporean
  • The meaning of the Singapore spirit
National Day 2021

[E] Racial Harmony Day 2021 (JUL 2021)

  • Recent race-related incidents
  • How racism goes against what Singapore stands for
  • How can we better maintain and protect racial harmony in Singapore
Racial Harmony Day 2021

[E] SAF Day 2021 (JUL 2021)

  • How SAF servicemen and servicewomen have responded to Singapore's major crises
  • The SAF's ongoing efforts to transform and better equip itself for the future
  • Need for NS
  • Need for a strong SAF
SAF Day 2021

[E] Total Defence Day 2021 (FEB 2021)

  • New and evergreen challenges Singapore is facing
  • Examples of Total Defence in action
Total Defence Day 2021

SAF Day 2020 (Jul 2020)

  • Need for a strong SAF
SAF Day 2020

Racial Harmony Day 2020 (Jul 2020)

  • Recent positive and negative racial incidents
  • The need to preserve racial harmony in the post-COVID-19 world
Racial Harmony Day 2020

[E] Total Defence 2020 (Feb 2020)

  • Continued relevance and need for a strong Total Defence, especially with COVID-19

Water Security (May 2017)

  • Why water is a strategic issue for Singapore

Importance of NS (Jan 2017)

  • Importance of National Service
  • The European experience in attempting to reintroduce or reintroducing conscription

Singapore and the World

Singapore's Defence Relations with Australia (May 2018)

  • Singapore's multifaceted relationship with Australia

ASEAN and ASEAN Defence Ministers' Meeting (Feb 2018)

  • Why ASEAN and the ASEAN Defence Ministers' Meeting (ADMM) are important to Singapore
  • MINDEF's role as the 2018 ADMM Chairman

Singapore's Defence Relations with the US (Jul 2017)

  • How bilateral relations between Singapore and the US were built up and strengthened over the years
  • Why Singapore values a strong and continued US presence in Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific
  • Why cooperation with the US matters to Singapore

[E] Lessons from Qatar (Jul 2017)

  • Importance of defence and National Service

Singapore-China Relations (Jun 2017))

  • How bilateral relations between Singapore and China were built up and strengthened over the years
  • The progress made in various areas of collaboration
  • What a rising China means for Singapore