Parent’s Guide

Here’s a simple guide to help you advise your child on embarking on a rewarding career with the Navy.

A Rewarding Career For Your Child

Guiding your child in making his or her career decision is not easy. To aid you, we have put together a simple guide to help you better advise your child on making his or her career decision.

and Purpose

The meaning and purpose of a job can help propel the desire for your child to do his or her best. Beyond material satisfaction, a career laden with deep purpose will help mould your child into a better person with a broader worldview.


In a highly competitive society like ours, job security remains a top priority for most people. A career that can weather through good and bad times offers the sense of financial stability for your child to achieve his or her personal goals, such as setting up a family.


Personal, professional and academic progressions are important in your child’s journey of growth. When deciding on a career, the array of opportunities that the organisation offers reflects the commitment of the organisation to helping your child grow into a better person.


The culture and value system of an organisation can influence an individual within an organisation. It can mould the way your child thinks, behaves and more importantly, the values that your child will live with for the rest of his or her life. Therefore, it is an important factor for consideration, especially if this is your child’s first step into the working world.

Why the Navy?

Singapore is a maritime nation and the sea is our lifeline. When your child joins the Navy, he or she will play a part in defending this lifeline. Your child will also become an ambassador for Singapore as we forge friendships with foreign navies while sailing on exciting overseas missions and exercises. Therefore, a career with the Navy will see your child broadening his or her worldview and growing into a better person.

While your child serves to defend the everyday of our country and loved ones, the Navy also ensures that your child is well taken care of financially. During good and bad times, the Navy will ensure that your child does not get affected adversely, thus providing your child with job security.

Beyond financial stability, the Navy is also committed to ensuring that your child grows both personally and professionally. The Navy will provide your child with various academic and professional upgrading opportunities during his or her career with us. Depending on your child’s work and academic performance, he or she may be sponsored for postgraduate, degree or diploma studies.

More importantly, when your child joins the Navy, he or she will be working with supportive teammates who feel less like colleagues, and more like a family. We pride ourselves for having a close-knit Navy family, and we look forward to welcoming your child into our family.

Joining the Navy

If a career with us is something that you feel may suit your child, he or she may get in touch with our Career Consultants at the Navy Recruitment Centre here.

These recruiters are men and women who have experienced life in the Navy, so they’ll be the best people to answer any question that you or your child may have about a career in the Navy.

Alternatively, your child can register for the next career talk here. During the career talk, our Career Consultants will share more about what we do in the Navy to give your child a better understanding of a career with the Navy. You are more than welcome to attend the career talk with your child to hear from our Career Consultants too. If there aren’t any upcoming career talks, our Career Consultants will be in touch with your child to schedule him or her for the next session.

For further enquires, feel free to drop us an email at or reach us at 1800-278-0000.