Victory Class Missile Corvette

The Victory class missile corvettes were commissioned in 1990 and 1991 and are equipped to deal with air, surface and underwater threats. They are the backbone of the RSN's strike capability and provide seaward defence and protection of Singapore's vital sea lines of communications.

Length :
62 meters
Beam :
8.5 meters
Displacement :
530 tonnes
Speed :
In excess of 30 knots
Range :
2,000 nautical miles
Crew :
Weapons :
Harpoon Surface-to-Surface Missiles, 76 mm OTO Melara SRGM, Barak Surface-to-Air Missile
Ship Name Pennant Number
RSS Victory 88
RSS Valour 89
RSS Vigilance 90
RSS Valiant 91
RSS Vigour 92
RSS Vengeance 93

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