Littoral Mission Vessel

The eight Littoral Mission Vessels (LMVs) will replace the RSN’s existing Fearless-class Patrol Vessels. The LMVs will be able to carry out maritime security operations and safeguard our sea lines of communication more effectively and efficiently. Although larger in size, the LMVs with the innovation design, will be able to operate with a leaner crew size. Adopting the concept of “mission modularity”, these vessels are highly configurable and can embark on a range of mission modules to meet the specific mission needs. The first LMV, Independence, was launched on 3 July 2015 and will be delivered to the RSN in 2016.

Length :
80 meters
Beam :
12 meters
Displacement :
1,250 tonnes
Speed :
In excess of 27 knots
Baseline Complement :
23 crew members
Endurance :
3,500 nautical miles (Up to 14 days)
Weapons :
MBDA MICA Anti-Air / Anti-Missile Missile System, Oto Melara 76mm Gun, Rafael 25mm Typhoon Gun, Oto Melara 12.7mm Hitrole Gun, Remote Control Long Range Acoustic Device and Xenon Light, Water Cannon System

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