Naval Officers

You know how to lead. We’ll groom you to command.

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Naval Officer


A career as a Naval Officer is a voyage like no other. As a Naval Officer, you’ll be groomed to be a captain of a warship. Your progression through the Navy will see you taking on various key appointments including Navigation Officer, Operations Officer and Executive Officer, all the way to Commanding Officer and beyond. In these appointments, you will see yourself taking charge of various operational requirements of the RSN, ranging from planning and navigation to execution. In addition, you will also lead and command a team of military experts who will work alongside you in ensuring the RSN remains operationally ready.

Starting Salary

*Includes ship board allowance of $350

Additional Allowance

Officer Scheme

Sign-on Bonus

Officers who join us and have not been awarded any scholarships or back payments will be given a sign-on bonus of $20,000.

Academic Qualifications

Degree, Diploma, A-Level or International Baccalaureate

Basic Requirements

  1. Singapore citizens or permanent residents intending to take up citizenship
  2. Medically fit (PES A and PES B)
  3. Normal colour perception
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