Organisational Structure

Order, accountability and co-operation are built into our organisation. Here is how we are structured.

Our Formations

The RSN Headquarters is the hub of activity which powers our activities. But HQ RSN is supported by many other formations.

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Our Departments

From Operations to Personnel and Training, learn about the various structures that keep our organisation fighting fit.

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Our Squadrons

Find out about our proud squadrons, from our ships and submarines to those that provide engineering and logistics support to ensure our ships are shipshape and fighting fit.

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Our Units

RSN units are absolute specialists in their unique, high-stakes fields. These specialist groups include Underwater Demolition, Group, Clearance Diving Group, Special Warfare Group, Frogman School, Naval Military Expert Institute, Doctrine and Readiness Group, Midshipmen Wing, Naval Officers’ Advanced School and the Navy Medical Service.

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