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Section 4: Annotations of Recommended General References
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1. Magil's Guide to Military History
John Powell, 2001.
5 vol.

This five-volume guide presents a survey of the wars, battles, people, groups, and civilizations that played an important role in worldwide military history from ancient times to the twenty-first century. From 150-word definition of terms to 3,000 word essays, entries are arranged alphabetically in ready-reference format. The set also includes a list of military history websites.

2. Encyclopedia of Terrorism
Cindy C. Combs and Martin Slann, 2002.
HV6431 COM

Written by two well-known experts on the subject, the Encyclopedia of Terrorism provides students, researchers, journalists, and policy makers with a complete survey of this rapidly growing problem. More than 300 entries, organized in an accessible A-to-Z format, present events, people, organizations, and places that have figured prominently in international terrorism. Each entry is placed within its historical context to help readers understand the wide-ranging motivations behind terrorist actions. Includes a chronology of terrorist events that have occurred from 1945 to the present.

3. International Military and Defense Encyclopedia
Tevor Nevitt Dupuy (editor-in-chief), 1993
6 vol.
U 24 INT

This widely praised encyclopedia brings together some 800 organized articles in six volumes on international military and defence information, including subjects such as war, defence, the military, budgets, force structures, arms control, and peace.

4. Brassey's Encyclopedia of Military History and Biography
Franklin D. Margiotta (executive editor), 1994
1197 p.
U 24 BRA

The articles in this encyclopedia are specially selected from the preceding International Military and Defense Encyclopedia. It is the complete alphabetized guide to the history of warfare and military leaders. It also provides authoritative historical treatment of defence technology, world politics, the different branches of service, and military equipment and weaponry.

5. Brassey's Encyclopedia of Land Forces and Warfare
Franklin D. Margiotta (executive editor), 1997
1141 p.
UD 145 BRA

As with the preceding title, the articles in this encyclopedia are specially selected form the International Military and Defense Encyclopedia. It provides a complete alphabetized guide to land forces, combat theory and operations, leadership, logistics, manpower and personnel, materials and weapons, technology, intelligence, and more.

6. Ground Warfare : an International Encyclopedia
Stanley Sandler, 2002.
3 vol.

This three-volume reference tool provides readers with an overview of warfare on land from ancient times to the 21st century. Its contents include more than 1,200 entries by 200 internationally renowned scholars, some 100 full-length essays, and illustrated with photos and maps, as well as a glossary, a selected bibliography, and a comprehensive index.

7. Air Warfare : an International Encyclopedia
Walter J. Boyne, 2002
2 vol.

This two-volume encyclopedic work on aerial combat comprises important facts about air warfare, from the biplane aces of the Great War to the top guns of the 21st century. The articles are written by a cadre of some 100 international experts - including many veterans of combat. With photos, diagrams, and maps, and more than 900 entries that include the first, the best, the worst, the fastest, the highest, and the latest. Relevant for experts in the field yet comprehensible to the general reader.

8. Naval Warfare : an International Encyclopedia
Spencer C. Tucker, 2002
3 vol.

This three-volume reference work on combat at sea with more than 1,500 entries. It presents information about individuals, expeditions, wars, battles, weapons systems, classes of ships, famous vessels, technological developments, immortal words, and other naval lore. Written by a team of international experts for students, scholars, and naval history enthusiasts alike, it includes essays on strategy, tactics, important breakthroughs, weapons, exploration and discovery, naval medicine, literature, and great naval thinkers and historians.

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