Total Defence 2021 Happenings

The theme for 2021's Total Defence campaign – "Together We Keep Singapore Strong" – focuses on the many ways we can put Total Defence into action in our everyday lives.

On 15 February 1942, Singapore fell to the Japanese. We mark Total Defence Day on 15 February every year as a reminder of what could happen to us if we cannot defend Singapore ourselves, and to strengthen our resolve to keep Singapore safe, secure, and sovereign.

Singapore is facing a wider range of challenges and threats. They are complex and multi-faceted. They are also increasingly targeted at hearts and minds, aimed at breaking social unity and unsettling commitment to the nation. It is crucial for us to step up and play our part to strengthen our unity, resilience, and resolve in the face of these challenges and threats.

Click on the boxes below for more information on the 2021 Total Defence Poster, Minister for Defence's Total Defence Day Video Message, and Total Defence Day Commemoration Event.

Total Defence 2021 Campaign Poster

Minister for Defence's Total Defence Day 2021 Video Message

Total Defence Day Commemoration Event 2021