Total Defence Puzzle (Extended Version!)

The Total Defence Puzzle showcases the many things that the public can do to put Total Defence into action.

Apart from everyday actions like getting to know people of different ethnicities and religions better, the Total Defence Puzzle also includes several Total Defence -related initiatives driven under existing national programmes and movements (e.g., SG Cares and SGSecure), and mascots (e.g., Water Wally, Singa the Lion) that the public would find familiar. With 52 Total Defence actions to be found within the new and extended puzzle (the original puzzle featured 35 actions while the extended portion features 17 actions), it is a fun and interactive way to encourage conversations on Total Defence and promote greater awareness of Total Defence actions.

The Total Defence Puzzle is optimised for A2 size, but can be further adapted for varying engagement purposes. If you are interested to use the puzzle for your lessons, events or engagements, please contact us at

You can download the full-colour TD Puzzle and a photo-list of TD actions here.