Guardians of the City II - The Total Defence Strategy Card Game

"Guardians of the City II" (GOTC) is a Total Defence strategy card game designed to help youths develop a deeper understanding of Singapore’s security threats and the part we play in keeping Singapore safe and secure. The card game presents different security threats as crises and illustrates how the six pillars of Total Defence can be applied to respond to and recover from the crises.


In 2020, GOTC II was revamped to include cyber-punk illustrations and maritime defence-related themes. Since 2017, GOTC II continues to be an effective tool to enhance learning and facilitate discussions on National Education and Total Defence among its players.

Every year, each Secondary 2 student will be provided with a personal set of GOTC II. Schools are encouraged to organise a GOTC cohort experience for their students during the Total Defence month, or enlist Uniformed Group students to lead game sessions for their peers. Blank Defence cards can also be downloaded here for players to customise their own cards and showcase how they can put Total Defence in action.

GOTC II can also be used by Uniformed Group students to attain the Bronze and Silver badges under the Total Defence Programme for Uniformed Groups. Schools have also been provided additional sets of GOTC II, as a UG unit resource.

In a pack, there are a total of 108 cards, consisting of 2 decks of 54 cards. In each deck, there are 2 Rule Cards, 6 Crisis Cards, 30 Defence Cards, 12 Events Cards and 4 Community Support Cards. The game can be played by two players (1 versus 1) or by four players (2 versus 2).

The GOTC experience comprises a 10-min introduction, 20-min game play and 30-min reflection (total: 60 min). Supporting resources for the game are as follows:

  • How to Play GOTC II: Click here to watch a short video to learn how to play GOTC II.
  • Post-game Reflection Slides: Download a set of PowerPoint slides that can be used for post-game reflection sessions.
  • Facilitator’s Guide: The Facilitators’s Guide link to download the guide here provides a detailed plan on introducing GOTC II to players, with case studies to discuss and examine real life threats that might possibly impact Singapore.
  • Gameplay Infographic: The gameplay infographic will instruct players on the mechanisms behind the game. Players can refer to the infographic for a step-by-step guide to play the game.

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