Total Defence 2016

Events  of 2015 demonstrate our fortitude, and how we can overcome all odds if we stand together. The next 50 years will have its share of security threats and challenges around the world and in the region.

Some  may wonder: Will our little red dot make it to SG100? Will we continue to be strong and united as we face the future? 

Total Defence Exhibition

A Family To Keep a Nation Strong

"If this service and spirit of love for Singapore can be continued, it’s a good situation to be in."

- Family of 53-year-old MAJ(NS) Jimmy Ng 

Eyes Peeled, Ears Open, To Keep The Neighbourhood Safe

"I see this as an opportunity to spread awareness on crime prevention and to keep my neighbourhood safe."

- Nur Arfa , 13 year-old member of "Citizens on Patrol"

Cyber Security for a Smart and Strong Nation

"Our lives and future can only be as bright as how we will secure our country’s critical infrastructures."

- Ivan Lee , Senior Associate Director at iTrust

Sabah Quake: Strength to Overcome Sorrow

"We are all very saddened by the loss. And as a nation, Singapore mourned together with Tanjong Katong. We are healing as a community, and we will bounce back and emerge stronger."

- Caroline Wu , Principal of Tanjong Katong Primary School

Want to learn more about their stories? Missed our exhibitions at the Marketplace of The Future of Us exhibition and S'pore Discovery Centre?

Don't fret!  We will also be roving to various venues around Singapore until the end of May 2016.  

Do check back for the next location!

Can’t wait? Click on their names to read their stories and more!  

Total Defence Song

Did you know? The Total Defence (TD) song , “There’s A Part For Everyone”, was written in 1984 by Gerald Png, as TD was introduced. This year, the refreshed song with updated lyrics was arranged and performed by our home-grown band, QuickPick.  

Watch the 360* version of the music video now!  

Last updated on 14 Mar 2016