Our People

Nexus pushes boundaries in strategising communications and engagement approaches and initiatives to strengthen Singaporeans' sense of belonging and commitment to this place we call home. We support and organise campaigns and programmes to engage Singaporeans in fresh and creative ways.

We are at the heart of ground sensing, strategic planning and innovation, constantly stretching ourselves to challenge the status quo and think out of the box to make what we do cool and exciting

We take an honest perspective of current realities and never shy away from trying out new ideas, asking "why" in the spirit of inquiry to clarify and challenge prevailing norms, testing assumptions and taking risks. While efficiency and discipline are important to us, we prize fuzzy ideas and value the occasional unstructured and divergent discourse because we believe that great inspired ideas often come from deep and dormant places, and will need the necessary churn to surface them. We believe also that while the tried and tested methods may often suffice, the unusual will bring forth the highest pay-offs in our work and we honour the fullest potentials of our people.

Last updated on 08 Mar 2016