5 times we spotted TD in action in "The Walking Dead"

Posted: 12 Feb 2017, 1000 hours (GMT +8)

Celeste Chia

The highly popular US TV series, The Walking Dead, is back today with the second part of Season 7. Fans of the show will tell you that it isn’t just another zombie show. The Walking Dead may start off quite similarly to other zombie shows – a virus caused most of the world’s population to turn into zombies and social order has crumbled – but what’s different is the group of hardy characters doing their best to survive in a dystopian world.

Okay, most of them don’t live. But for those who survive, it’s mainly because they put Total Defence into action. No, we’re serious. And here are five ways we spotted The Walking Dead putting to action the five pillars of Total Defence - Economic, Military, Civil, Social and Psychological Defence.

1. You have to pick up new skills. Fast.

Hands up if you have not used your SkillsFuture credits.

Well, unlike us, the characters in The Walking Dead didn’t take their time to learn some new skills. Whether you were a police, housewife or pizza delivery boy before zombie hell broke loose, it didn’t matter. You have to stay relevant to stay alive.

(Source/AMC The Walking Dead)

As food supply ran low, the characters had to learn to plant crops and rear animals. This isn’t something you can pick up overnight, especially for city kids like us.

Other skills they had to learn were siphoning petrol from abandoned vehicles so that they had enough petrol for their cars, and carpentry skills to reinforce their shelter to keep zombies out.

In the land of zombies, that is clearly Economic Defence.

2. You have to defend yourself, because no one else will.

The characters have no choice but to protect their own selves. And it’s not just zombies they had to worry about, but also villains who were out to steal their supplies, enslave them or even kill them.

(Source/AMC The Walking Dead)

The leader of the group, Rick Grimes, was a police officer before the apocalypse. One of the first things he did was to teach the rest of the group how to use a gun, just like our soldiers in Military Defence. The stronger fighters were also assigned roles to stand guard and defend the rest.

These not only helped them to get out of many dangerous situations but also made other groups think twice about attacking them.

3. You have to be prepared for emergencies.

It’s such a cliché for a horror movie character to get killed after running into a dead end, which usually happens because they don’t know what to do in an emergency. The Walking Dead characters who got out of such situations alive were usually those who put Civil Defence into action by being well prepared.

(Source/AMC The Walking Dead)

Surprisingly, many of the characters knew first aid and some were even medically trained! This was very important as the characters frequently needed treatment after getting shot or bitten by zombies, and one even needed a caesarean surgery! All these were possible only because the other characters knew what to do and could do it quickly.

The group also had contingency plans for emergencies, such as evacuation routes and meeting points. All these to increase the survival rate when attacks happened.

4. You have to make friends and trust one another.

One of the most moving things about The Walking Dead was how tightly knitted the lead characters were. You probably won’t know they started out as strangers with very different backgrounds and beliefs. They came together despite their differences because they knew the importance of Social Defence in helping them survive.

(Source/AMC The Walking Dead)

It’s not easy to get along with and trust a stranger. But when you are faced with dangers on all fronts, you just have to build strong bonds and work with those around you, no matter how different everyone is.

The lead characters were such a tight group that they called themselves a family, even though most of them were not related by blood.

5. You must have the will to live.

When the world as we know it ends, it’s not surprising for people to call it quits. There were many instances when characters chose to end their lives instead of fighting on. This is why only those with strong Psychological Defence were able to pull through.

(Source/AMC The Walking Dead)

Not only did the characters lose their loved ones, they also lost their sense of security when they were unable to find a safe place to call home. Even when they did find a place, they usually lost it soon to zombie attacks and attacks by other groups.

But those who survived were those who came out from these hard times with a stronger resolve to live. They not only had the determination to do better, but also convinced others that they could get through it all together.

The Walking Dead showed us some ways of putting Total Defence into action. Can you think of other shows that do too?

This is done in collaboration with We Are Total Defence.