The X-Men abilities we really need

Posted: 18 May 2016, 1000 hours (GMT +8)

The X-Men may have powers to face off with Apocalypse. But for everyday Singaporeans, we are more concerned about surviving our daily struggles: blistering heat, long queues and MRT breakdowns. If Singaporeans ever obtain mutant abilities, let's hope that they are mutants like them:

Charge Up

You were too busy tsum-ing your favourite Disney character and crushing some candies to realise that your battery is almost depleted. This means you can't catch up on the latest K-drama. Oh, the tragedy! To make matters worse, the MRT broke down (again) because of a power outage.

Have no fear, Charge Up is here! With his electrifying ability, he gets the MRT system running again and your handphone battery up to 100 per cent! Hooray to getting home on time with entertainment along the way!

Mega Fan

Blow wind blow. 

Blow what? 

The heat and haze, of course. 

Meet Mega Fan, the mutant who can release wind (not the smelly kind) from her hands to blow anything away. With her around, we can say 'hi' to cooling days and 'bye' to unhealthy PSI.

Fickle Mind

There's a new hipster cafe in town but they don't take reservations. Now you are going to be the last to Instagram a photo of that place! The horror! 

Now imagine that you arrive at the cafe with your newest friend, Fickle Mind. With his ability to change the minds of those in the queue, the five-hour wait became just five minutes! Too bad for those who 'suddenly decided' to go for chicken rice and char kway teow at the nearby hawker centre.


STOMPers are at it again! A tired NSF was spotted nodding off in an empty train and the evil STOMPers are ready with their phones to shame him online. Luckily for the NSF, and the rest of us, de-STOMPer sensed this and used her powers to hang (not literally) the STOMPer's handphone. Peace online is preserved once more!

Quick Chope

Getting seats during lunchtime is tough and at times comical. Frantically squeezing through the crowd and giving the evil eye to those who linger at their seats brings out the "auntie" in all of us.

For the lucky few who are colleagues with Quick Chope, you can saunter slowly into the hawker centre while he uses his empty-table radar to source for a target to release his tissue pack. Bam! Your seat for lunch has been secured.

*          *          * 

We face some uniquely Singaporean problems in our everyday lives and having these abilities would make great life hacks. What other mutants can you think of that can make our life a lot easier?

Last updated on 20 May 2016