Total Defence Awards

About the NS Mark

In 2013, the Committee to Strengthen National Service (CSNS) recommended the introduction of an NS Mark accreditation scheme to strengthen community recognition and support for NS. The Advisory Council for Community Relations in Defence (ACCORD) led the development of the accreditation scheme, through extensive consultations between the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), the Singapore Armed Forces and the various stakeholder groups.

Launched in August 2016, NS Mark is a national-level accreditation scheme that recognises businesses and organisations which have put in place policies and human resource practices that support NS and Total Defence (TD). These include initiatives which support NSmen in better balancing their family, work and NS commitments. The scheme also aims to rally stronger community support for NS with the NS Mark recipients leading by example.

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About the Total Defence Awards

The Total Defence Awards (TDA) were first introduced in 1986 to recognise businesses - specifically employers and civil resource owners - for their contributions towards Total Defence. Both CSNS and ACCORD recommended enhancing awards for companies with pro-NS policies or human resource practices, and individuals or employers who are supportive of NS.

The revamped TDA was launched in 2015 to recognise a broader spectrum of NS advocates beyond businesses, to include educational institutions, family and community organisations as well as individuals. The Home Team NS Awards has also been integrated with the TDA. The revamped TDA, which comprises a single highest tier award - the NS Advocate Award - aims to strengthen advocacy for NS by encouraging others to play their part in supporting our national servicemen.

The TDA consists of the NS Advocate Award across four categories - Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Large Companies, Organisations and Individuals. The NS Advocate Award is the highest accolade awarded to individuals, businesses or organisations for their exemplary support towards Total Defence and in particular, NS. From 2017 onwards, the top NS Mark (Gold) accredited companies and organisations would be selected for the NS Advocate Award. The NS Advocate Award is conferred for a period of three years, and will be presented at the annual TDA.