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Safety Corner

SMTI Hazards & Open Report System

The SMTI Hazard & Open Report System is a simple means for an individual to alert responsible personnel to an existing or potential hazardous condition or act which requires attention and corrective action. It also helps us to isolate unauthorised practices and at-risk behaviour and to take the necessary actions to arrest them before they escalate to accidents. The reporting system covers all areas of operations, training and administration.

If you do observe any near misses or hazards at SMTI, please notify us through the following means:

Call the 24-hour Formation Safety Hotline at Tel: 64772655; or
* Hazard / Open Reporting Form Click here to download Hazard / Open Reporting Form and fax to: 13kb 13.11.2007
OIC Hazard & Open Reporting
SMTI Safety Committee
701 Transit Road, #02-19
Singapore 778910
Fax: 64772695
Last updated on 05 Apr 2010
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