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Our OE Journey


The OE journey enables us to identify who our customers are: the SAF as a whole, the commanders on the ground, and the soldiers and their families. Upon the identification of these customers, we can proceed to discern their expectations in an attempt to reconcile conflicting expectations and to orientate our efforts to meeting them.

The OE Journey also raises profound questions about our identity, obligations and accountability to the public. There is a tendency within a military organization to see outcomes at a very high level (e.g. deterrence of war), but how does that translate into the activities that we undertake and how does this translate into our perception of the level of accountability and responsibility to the public?

The OE journey will also engender a fundamental change in the way we look at results. Too often today, we are driven by activities with insufficient attention to the results of these activities. If we do not measure and analyze these outcomes, then we do not know if what we do works.

- from "Benefits of the OE Journey undertaken by the SAF Medical Corps"
by BG (DR) Wong Yue Sie

OHSAS 18001: 1999

SMTI is committed to provide a safe and healthy work environment by integrating an Occupational Health and Safety Management system into all training and training support activities.

This shall be achieved by the following:
- Anticipate, detect hazards and manage risks.
- Instil and promote safety awareness.
- Follow established safe work practices.
- Comply with applicable legal and other requirements, including SAF safety requirements.
- Continued improvement in OHS performance.
Last updated on 15 Dec 2009
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