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The OCS Journey

The 38-week Officer Cadet Course begins with a two-week Common Leadership Module (CLM),
 during which Officer Cadets from all three services – Army, Navy and Air Force –
 train together and are imbued with a common set of values and experiences.
 Thereafter, Officer Cadets branch into their respective services for Service Term,
 and receive more specialized vocational training during their Professional Term.
 During these terms, Officer Cadets are equipped with leadership
 and vocational skills relevant to their future deployments.

Training in OCS is fast-paced and rigorous.
 Officer Cadets are put through intense physical conditioning to prepare their bodies,
 minds and spirit for the challenging and meaningful tasks ahead.
 They will learn how to motivate and organize those under their charge into a cohesive team,
 united in the pursuit of a single goal. They will build resilience and adaptability
 to overcome the many challenges thrown their way. They will also be put through realistic exercises
 that require them to plan, lead their peers and make decisions under intense pressure
 and come out stronger and confident.

In the final phase of training, Officer Cadets from all three services are reunited for a three-week Joint Term
 where they will share their military training and experience across the Services.
 They receive their swords and appointments in a ceremony steeped in military tradition;
 and prepare for the much-awaited Commissioning Parade, where they will emerge as
 committed, confident, and competent commissioned Officers of the Singapore Armed Forces,
 ready to lead, to Excel and to overcome in the service of the nation. 

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