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Officer Cadet School

Situated in SAFTI Military Institute (SAFTI MI), Officer Cadet School (OCS)
has been the birthplace of Officers since the early years of Singapore’s Independence.
Through the decades, OCS has continued to be an important pillar of Singapore’s defence,
 providing her with a reliable supply of military leaders. OCS carries a deep
emotional significance for the many Officers who have passed through its halls.

Every quarter, servicemen and servicewomen who have demonstrated great potential
 and exemplary character are specially selected to enter OCS to be groomed
 and nurtured into Officers of the SAF. They are put through the Officer Cadet Course,
 which combines quality training and the inculcation of the SAF Core Values,
 providing Officer Cadets the maximum opportunity to develop their leadership and character.

To stay relevant, the Officer Cadet Course has undergone significant changes over the years.
 Despite these changes, its Mission and Vision have remained unchanged.
 Every Officer that steps out of OCS must be able and ready
to Lead, to Excel and to Overcome.

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