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Head SAF Centre For Leadership Development (CLD ) SAFTI Military Institute


Welcome to the SAF Centre for Leadership Development (CLD).

Our mission and purpose in SAF CLD is to provide "enablers" – in the form of knowledge and tools – for our leaders in the SAF across ground units and staff departments (1) to develop their leadership competencies and skills, and (2) to develop the leadership competencies and skills of their subordinate leaders. LD and vocational/functional training works hand-in-glove to develop effective SAF leaders who are able to lead our people in accomplishing the mission, inspiring commitment, and improving the organisation. Leadership is an essential and critical aspect of warfighting power and organisational capabilities – a force multiplier to mobilise our people and organisational resources for action.

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SAF CLD’s functions as a SSSO HQ (Concept development), Middle Office (Curriculum development) and Front Office (Programme and training delivery) for Leadership, seeks to target three levels of leadership across the three leadership corps and Services: Junior-level leaders, Middle-level leaders, and Senior-level leaders. Each level of leaders have different demands in the exercise of Direct Leadership, Organisational Leadership and Strategic Leadership.


Each generation of Team CLD had worked closely with SAF schoolhouses and training establishments to scaffold and implement LD curriculum across the various ROA courses in the SAF, to prepare our leaders in their competencies and skills for performance at their respective levels of leadership roles. Today's Team CLD continues to be anchored on our values of "Seek.Sow.Serve" to prepare our leaders for the Next Gen SAF, to achieve our desired outcomes of Adaptive Leaders, Effective Teams and Resilient Organisation.

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Last updated on 10 Sep 2021
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