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Head SAF Centre For Leadership Development (CLD ) SAFTI Military Institute

Welcome to the SAF' Centre for Leadership Development homepage. CLD's mission is to strengthen leadership of the SAF. It does so through monitoring the status of leadership and the effectiveness of leadership development efforts across the SAF, and reviews how leadership development can adequately address the SAF's needs.

CLD's work targets three levels of leadership:
(1) Junior Leadership (pre-CSC and junior WOSPEC and ME roles);
(2) Middle Leadership (immediately after CSC and those in senior WOME roles); and
(3) Senior Leadership (those in organisational level roles with high stewardship responsibilities to think ahead and decide on organisational-wide issues).

To Effective Leaders, Cohesive Units and a Steadfast SAF!

SAF LD Vision


Effective Leaders, Cohesive Units, Steadfast SAF


CLD Mission, Vision and Ethos

CLD Vision

The Leading Centre in Leadership Development for the SAF

CLD aspires to be the leading centre in Leadership Development through our partnership within the SAF and globally. We seek to continually improve the ways in which the SAF's values and leadership competencies are nurtured in our Leaders. Guided by our ethos of "Seek, Sow Serve", we are proud that our work anchors effective Leadership in the SAF.



CLD Mission 

To enable Commanders and Leaders to implement LD to be effective in accomplishing the mission, inspiring commitment and improving the organisation. 



CLD Ethos

Seek, Sow, Serve

We seek new knowledge, new networks and new meaning for the SAF as the CLD brand is built on credibility and thought leadership in the field of Leadership Development.

We sow the seeds of Leadership Development, new attitudes and beliefs to inspire SAF Commanders and Leaders to nurture effective leaders for today and tomorrow to achieve mission success.

We serve as the catalyst to enable SAF Commanders and Leaders to assume ownership of developing their people, their teams and improving the organisation.

Last updated on 03 Feb 2021
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