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Other Activities
Other Activities

As a World Class College which strives to provide a First Class Experience, the Goh Keng Swee Command and Staff College takes pride in organising a variety of non-curricular events and functions which stretch across a wide spectrum activities, encompassing sectors such as sports, community involvement, dialogues, formal dinner functions and family days.

These events and functions contribute towards a holistic learning envrionment and ensures that all officers-on-course undergo a First Class Experience in a World Class College.

Prof. Neo Boon Siong

Distinguished Speakers' Programme / Commandant's Speakers' Programme

The Distinguished Speakers Programme (DSP) and Commandant's Speakers' Programme (CSP) are a series of dialogues and engagements which has been an important and integral part of GKS CSC's general education.

They serve to broaden and enrich the learning experience in GKS CSC through the engagement of leaders and professionals from various fields. Political and society leaders, senior military commanders, eminent scholars and industry captains are invited to engage GKS CSC students and staff. Talks by, and engagement with these leaders and professionals, are one of the ways for GKS CSC to stay at the forefront of officer education. 

College Run

Physical and Sports Activities

The College is keen on promoting cohesion advocating a culture of fitness for students to leverage on any physical and sports activities. These include:

a.    College Runs (CR).    The CR will be default planned and organised weekly to promote greater cohesion and bonding among students and College within SAFTI MI.

b.    Inter-Syndicate Games (ISG).    The ISGs take place on a weekly basis and culminates in a finale, as syndicates vie for the Commandant's Challenge Trophy. 

c.    Army Half Marathon (AHM) Training.    AHM training will be incorporated within the course to prepare students for the 21km AHM.

Graduation Ceremony at the Istana

Formal Ceremonies

As the premier education institution of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), GKS CSC is steeped in traditon and conducts formal military ceremonies such as:

a.    Course Welcoming.    This is the first formal ceremony of the course to welcome students to the College and reaffirm their commitment to the SAF. Commandant GKSCSC officiates over the event.

b.    Course Opening.    The official course opening will be held on the first evening of the course, which sees the spouses of the officers in attendance. In this event, the Chief of Defence Force formally officiates the opening of the course.

c.    Course Graduation.    Upon completion of the respective courses, GKS CSC conducts a formal Graduation ceremony held at the Istana, with the Minister for Defence as the Guest of Honour.



Study Visits

Local Study Visits.    As part of the course curriculum, the College organises the various visits to broaden to students' knowledge and learning beyond Singapore and the SAF:

a.    The Battle Site.    This visit aims to provide students a better understand of British preparation for war in Malaya during WWII, and the main causes of their defeat. The visit is a one-day programme and preceded by a two-period lecture on the general historical background of the war in the Far East, specifically in Malaya and Singapore. The tour will visit places like Labrador Park, Battle Box at Fort Canning, Changi Museum and the Kranji War Memorial.

b.    Overseas Study Visits.    Overseas Study Visits are conducted as part of the course to reinforce the officers’ understanding of regional countries and its armed forces. Other objectives of such a visit are to encourage interaction between mid-level officers of the host country and the SAF, and to provide a platform for exchange of views on professional matters.

Kranji War Memorial
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