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GKS CSC has been using innovative technological tools to manage the way learning and knowledge transfer are taking place in the College. Following a pilot trial with the Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS) in 2005, SCSC migrated to the ‘SAF Enterprise LMS’ on 2 Jan 2006 as part of the SAF initiative for an Integrated Learning Management System (iLKMS).

The 37 th CSC was the first course in SCSC to use the new Wizlearn LMS. The 7 th NS CSC also began to use the new LMS on 24 Mar 06. Various tools (e.g. threaded discussions, emails, and discussion forums etc.) enhanced the interaction experiences of the students with their Directing Staff and fellow peer learners as well as provided means for knowledge sharing. Directing Staff were also able to monitor students' participation, manage assignments and assess students' performances etc.

Learning Management System
Learning Management System

Wireless Internet Access

Wireless Internet Access

Staff and students accessed the new LMS, which resided on the Internet, through the wireless Internet network infra in GKS CSC. The wireless internet infrastructure provides them with access to learning content and knowledge available on the Internet any time anywhere. International Officers are also provided with wireless internet access from the convenience and comfort of their accommodation building.

Enhanced Map Planning and Information System

The planning for a modern land campaign operation is a very rigorous process culminating in a set of very detailed land operations overlay plans that not only integrate Air and Sea operations, but also combine various modern arms in delicate manoeuvres, fire support and combat service support to outwit and outfight the opponent. In the most extreme case, the land battles are fought on complex terrain with complicated road networks, complicated urban infrastructure, varying vegetation types, surface and underground drainage system, undulating relief etc.

The Enhanced Map Planning and Information System (EMPIS) is a software tool introduced in SCSC since 2001 enable GKS CSC students to develop overlay plans and share them with both lateral and vertical sub-units, thus mirroring the map planning capability of the Division, Brigade and Battalion headquarters. It also provides them with a means to monitor battles and share information in a timely, precise and accurate manner on a digital map. There are functional tools for drawing coloured military symbols and textual inputs as well as perform query of terrain data.

Simulation wargaming exercises were not new to the college as they have been part of the curriculum of courses conducted in SCSC since the early 90s.


As part of the on-going experimentation to explore more innovative approaches towards wargaming for cognitive skill development, simulation wargaming exercises were conducted in the college from 2005 onwards. To provide the added realism in battlefield communication, a Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone network system was installed to simulate radio and trunk communications of the Brigade and Division.

Simulation wargaming exercises were not new to the college as they have been part of the curriculum of courses conducted in SCSC since the early 90s. These exercises provided an opportunity for students to 'execute' their plans and challenged them on their decision making and understanding of doctrinal applications.

Voice-over-Internet Protocol Communications Simulation The Division, Brigade and Battalion headquarters of the Army are equipped with advanced communication systems that enable commanders and staff to communicate data and voice over vast distances in a networked manner. It would not be cost effective to replicate such a network in the classroom map planning and wargaming exercises of the Command and Staff Courses in GKS CSC.

An innovative solution was thus conceived to co-develop with CISCO, a Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) Communication Systems that would accurately simulate the communication facilities of the operational and tactical headquarters without losing the realism while providing the required challenges for learning battlefield command, control and communications. The innovative system has been in used since the 37 th CSC in 2006.

The network can also be used to disseminate textual admin and exercise information to the students. Finally, it also enables members of High Control, EDS and OPFOR to communicate discreetly one-to-one through conventional phone number dialling method.

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