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Main Auditorium

Main Auditorium

The Main Auditorium, built more than 10 years ago during the construction of GSK CSC, provides a conducive environment for up to 200 audience. It has good acoustic and comfortable seats and is equipped with modern audio-video presentation facilities.

It has also recently been upgraded with video-conferencing facilities and wireless internet access. Minister’s and Senior Commander’s Dialogue, Distinguished Speaker’s Programme (DSP), Commandant Evening Talks are conducted in the main auditorium.

The Auditorium is used for lectures, large group presentations, CSP/DSP and ceremonies. The hall is equipped with power supply points under every chair and wireless projection facilities.

Innovation Hall

Innovation Hall

The Innovation hall has a capacity for up to 130 persons to be comfortably seated in various configurations, including the format of a café. The technological features in the Innovation Hall include a multiple large screen projection system to support caf é format sessions, video camera system for video conferencing and feeding of audience content onto the large screen for sharing, a large touch screen display system, audio-video recording facilities and wireless Internet access. These systems are all integrated seamlessly to provide ease of use and innovative applications. In the heart of the hall is a touch screen console panel in the control room for pre-setting the various ambience conditions required for different instructional settings.

The ambience of the hall is thus duly designed to enhance the learning experience. Various instructional settings e.g. Plenary Sessions (lecture and breakout group discussions), Seminars and workshops etc. can be conducted in the Innovation Hall. It is a place where learning-centred infrastructure and technologies converge to enhance learning interaction, and provide the College a facility for engaging students based on an active learning architecture. The Innovation Hall is not only functional but serves to reinforce and inspire the spirit of learning and innovation that GSK CSC is trying to propagate.

Syndicate Rooms

Syndicate Rooms

There are 12 syndicate rooms in the college. Each room is equipped with a projection system, wireless internet access, Local Area Network points for learning technologies and standard classroom equipment such as white board, soft board, tables and chairs.

Syndicate rooms are desgined to be modern and inspiring classrooms that are conducive to collaboration and learning which also serve as a simulated location for lower tactical quarters and sub-units during wargaming exercises. Officers on course will be allocated syndicate rooms for their discussions and exercises.

Study Areas

Officers are encouraged to use the study areas as their working and collaborative space as much as possible. SAF officers will also have access to the MINDEF Intranet for the conduct of personal administration such as leave application and claims submissions. 


Printing/Photocopying Machine

Printing of bulk quantities can be done at the College Publication Section located at the basement of Block 60.  Officers may make use of this facility with approval from the Course Commander. A photocopier is also located at Level 1 of Block 60 for officers to reproduce limited copies of course materials. Individual printing using the wireless network is also available and the printers are located next to the photocopier at Level 1 of Block 60 and in the Innovation Hall.


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