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Sports Facilities

Located within SAFTI MI, GKS CSC has access to the following facilities:

  • Basketball courts & volleyball courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Squash courts
  • Stadium Track
  • Football and rugby pitches
  • An Olympic-sized swimming pool with a diving tower
  • Gymnasium
  • 1,500 seat Multi Purpose Hall.


SAFTI MI Officer's Mess

General.     Officers from the headquarters, schools and units of SAFTI MI share a single Officers' Mess. All CSC students are members of the SAFTI MI Officers' Mess. It is located near the officers' accommodation, beside the artificial lake adjacent to the Singapore Discovery Centre.

The Mess serves breakfast every Tuesday morning and dinner and every Wednesday. It also houses a Karaoke room and a club room with billiard tables and table soccer machines. Major festive celebrations and annual events are also held at the mess.

Subscription.   The monthly subscriptions are based on ranks.  Officers-on-course are to pay their mess subscription through GIRO, or through the OM branch in the service Centre. The International Officers may pay via cheque or cash, to be collected by One-Stop Service Centre. 

Operating Hours.    The Mess operating hours are as follows:

a.    Monday to Friday - 0800 to 2000 hours.

b.    Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday – Closed.

SCSC Officers’ Lounge

GKS CSC Lounge

GKS CSC has an Officers' Lounge for both Staff and Students to rest and interact during breaks. It has comfortable sofa, bar tables and seats, a small pantry (with hot water), basic Audio and TV equipment. Members can relax and read the newspapers, magazines and periodicals.



The SAFTI MI Library is Singapore’s premier defence and military information resource centre. The SAFTI MI Library has a vast collection of literature on strategic and military matters.

Membership.    All permanent staff and officers of GKS CSC can register as members of the Library. All members are to abide by the library rules when making use of the facilities and borrowing of materials.


Opening Hours

The opening hours for the Library are:

Mondays to Fridays                                                        : 0830 to 1730hrs

Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays                             : Closed

Eve of Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year            : 0830 to 1200hr



SAFTI Military Institute Library

500 Upper Jurong Road


Singapore 638364

Tel.:6799 7432 / Fax: 6792 2780


Library Homepage

More information about the SAFTI MI Library can be found at its website.

Other Services

E-Mart.    The e-mart is located at the Officer Cadet School (OCS) Canteen and its opening hours are Tuesday 1130hrs - 1730hrs, Thursday 1130hrs - 2000hrs and on alternate Sundays 1900hrs - 2200hrs. 

Gift Shop.    The Gift Shop is located at the OCS Canteen and its opening hours are Monday to Friday from 1030hrs – 2130 hrs; Sat from 1030hrs – 1300 hrs, and Sun & Public Holiday from 1900hrs – 2200 hrs. It carries a wide range of military equipment, apparel and foodstuffs. It also provides embroidery and sewing services.

Barber.    The SAFTI Barber Shop is located at the OCS Canteen and its opening hours are Monday to Friday from 1200hrs - 1830hrs 

As part of the College’s learning environment, a high standard of physical fitness is emphasized. For this reason, the course curriculum includes Individual Physical Proficiency Training (IPPT), runs and games. Games also provide for interaction and a break from the rigorous and demanding training programme.

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