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SAFTI MI Medical Centre

The medical centre provides medical care to all SAFTI MI personnel including GKS CSC. It is equipped with a physiotherapy section complete with consultation rooms, a hydrotherapy pool, a body cooling unit for heat disorder cases and a dental section.


Officers attending any of GKS CSC's Command and Staff Courses must be certified medically fit before the course. A medical certificate is to be forwarded to the Operation Manager (OM) at One-Stop Service Centre by the day of reporting. Medical and dental treatment will be provided by the SAFTI MI Medical Centre during the course for all officers, including International Officers.

a.    During Duty Hours.    A review of unwell personnel  will be conducted at the medical centre from 0800 to1130 hours. Other activities, such as medical review, FFI and endorsement of medical certificates are scheduled between 1300 to 1600 hours. Emergency cases and officers falling ill outside of the sick parade hours may also be accommodated in the afternoon. However, the officer must inform the OM Branch and make the appointment directly. Officers reporting sick are also required to inform the Syndicate DS and Syndicate IC.

b.    During Off-Duty Hours.    During off-duty hours, officers who feel unwell may visit private clinics or hospitals. If issued a Medical Certificate (MC), the officer concerned will inform the College through the incident-reporting channel. Officers will submit his/her MC to the OM Branch when he/she returns to the College. Living-in officers may contact SAFTI MI Medical Centre at 6799-7562 for assistance if he/she falls sick. During off-duty hours, officers reporting sick will be attended to by the duty medical officer at the Pasir Laba Camp Medical Centre.

Last updated on 28 Jan 2013
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