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Command and Staff
Course (Executive)
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Command and Staff
Course (National
Service) [CSC (NS)]
Course Curriculum
Command and Staff Course (National Service) [CSC (NS)]

Course Aim

The aim of the Command and Staff Course (National Service [CSC(NS)] is to develop the professional knowledge and skills of selected Army National Service Officers so as to qualify to assume command and staff appointments in the Singapore Armed Forces.

A CSC (NS) Officer-On-Course undertaking an online module

Course Objectives

The objectives of GKS CSC's Command and Staff Course (National Service) are to educate and train NS officers to:

a.    Understand the organization and structure, roles and capabilities of divisions and their subordinate units.

b.    Apply SAF’s operational doctrine at the Brigade level.

c.    Apply Battle Procedure and operational staff work at the Brigade level.

d.    Enhance Leadership Capacities.

Design of the Course

The CSC(NS) is a ten-month long course which includes a 5 week Residential Phase.  In the non residential phase of the course, NS officers submit individual and group assignments. Feedback is given via the internet and other correspondences, this keeping actual residential time to a minimum. This is so that the CSC(NS) does not unduly disrupt the careers and lives of NS officers.

Learning in the non-residential  phase is self-paced and Directing Staff avail themselves for consultations. The 5-week residential phase focuses primarily on operational staff-work and professional competences at the brigade level. NS Officers are given the opportunity to work in actual brigade and division headquarters. NS Officers will also gain insights into the SAF Leadership Competency Model and a revisit of SAF core values and military leadership.

CSC (NS) Oath Taking Ceremony
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